Ideas and tricks for a perfect nail decoration

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Hands express a lot about us. That is why wearing neat and neat hands will give a good image and a feeling of neatness and neatness. But there are women who, in addition to having healthy and neat nails, go further and make true works of art through nail decoration.

If you have never dabbled in this new beauty routine for your nails, we will tell you what you need to achieve a perfect nail decoration. Undoubtedly, the main thing to get a good job will be patience and good pulse!

1 What elements do I need for nail decoration?

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Ideas and tricks for a perfect nail decoration

This will depend a lot on the design you want to make on your nails, but we will tell you the basic elements to be able to make any of the designs that we show you below.

  • Nail file
  • Cuticle remover
  • Cotton and nail polish remover
  • Enamels of varied colors
  • Base or protective enamel
  • Fine brushes for the smallest designs
  • Nail stickers
  • Glitter
  • If you wish you can use false nails for a longer length

Before you start working with your nails, you have to make sure they are in good condition for a good manicure. For that happens remove enamel to remove possible remains of enamel that you may have. If you wish, cut your cuticles and file your nails to give them the desired shape. It is recommended not to use metal files. Once you have your nails ready, or in case you use false nails are stuck and dry; we recommend you first give a layer with a base, to generate a smooth texture, and to facilitate then cleaning when removing the enamel. Once dry, you can start decorating your nails with the design you have chosen.

2 Tips for good nail decoration

Do it with time, without haste, and wait for the enamel to dry every time you change color or have to place stickers.

Use very fine brushes when you need to draw or make lines.

Have all the elements on hand before you start with nail decoration, because if you are missing something in the middle of the process, you put your work at risk.

Do not make very thick layers of enamel because it will take twice as long to dry.

When you’re done with the décor, place one last layer of protective enamel or gloss for a better final finish.

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