Makeup tips to hide a big nose

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What do Sarah Jessica Parker and Barbara Streisand have in common? Well, they are very talented and wonderful women. Another thing they have in common is that a large nose denotes their style. They have decided not to worry about those conventional and boring canons of beauty where a profiled nose is necessary to be considered beautiful. They have said goodbye to fascism from the nose and they look comfortable, happy, and beautiful.

However, if you want to go step by step, there are certain makeup tips that will help you hide the size of your nose. Say goodbye to the idea of undergoing cosmetic surgery, because if the Kardashians have taught us anything with their very complex makeup techniques, it is that everything is possible with the right technique.

Today we will show you the two fundamental makeup tips to disguise a large nose.

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1 Stroke

1 Stroke

Contouring is an ancient technique and that many people perform daily without knowing it. When you put bronzer on your cheeks to highlight your cheekbones, or when you use a slightly darker base on the jowls to disguise it you are contouring your face; that is, changing certain features of your face from the emulation of shadows. Although it may seem very difficult it is actually quite easy.

To disguise a large nose you should only apply an contour frame around and along the tip of the nose, depending on whether it is wide, long, extended or with a prominent septum. Later you will blur the shadow with base and bronzer so that you finish with a natural look.

Always remember to comply with the basic steps for the contour:

  • Wash, exfoliate and moisturize the face before applying makeup.
  • Apply base along your entire face
  • Remember to use a base color that is appropriate to the tone of your face. You should test the pain directly on the skin of your face, and not on the skin of your hand or arm. The face usually has two shades of difference with the rest of the body.
  • Use a clean sponge. If you use your fingers the result can be an inhomogeneous and durable result.

When you are doing the contouring remember to use a contouring powder or failing that a light brown shade. As we mentioned before, to perform it there are different techniques depending on the shape of the nose.

  • If it is wide along the entire length of the nose you should create a contour line on each side of the cartilage of the nose. The lines should be parallel to the vertical center of your nose. These lines should be joined with the central beginning of the eyebrows.
  • If your nose is wider below than above, draw a contour line on both sides of your nose and end with a small, curved line between your nostrils.
  • If only the tip of your nose is wide, draw an arrow with the tip down. The arrow should start the beginning of the septum and point down, ending at the tip of the nose

Once you have contoured the area, reapply base to blur the contour powder. Once this is done you can see exactly where you should apply face powder to remove shine, usually in the T zone, and where to apply liquid concealer. In the same way apply bronzer or blush.

2 Create a distraction

2 Create a distraction

Although making up your nose directly is the most obvious option to solve the problem, you have other options and makeup can also help you. You don’t have to change the shape of your nose to feel comfortable with your face.

You can, for example, create a distraction. First of all you can highlight your cheeks so that you look a little thinner, creating the effect that your nose is too. On the other hand, you can opt for a fabulous red mouth and spectacular accessories so that attention is diverted from the nose. Or you can choose to color your lips with a more rebellious and adventurous color such as vinotinto, black, green, orange, blue, violet. We assure you that no one will be aware of your nose.

On the other hand, your eyes can also be the center of attention. Long eyelashes outlined with a cat eye or a dark shadow will give you the best look of the 70s. Your eyes will attract attention while your nose goes unnoticed.

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