Makeup tricks for blue eyes

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Makeup tricks for blue eyes

Blue eyes have always been synonymous with beauty and freshness, the count of a light color iris with the dark color of the pupil creates a very attractive effect on the look. And there is nothing more irresistible than a deep and intense look, so we will give you some tricks to make up the blue eyes, and make that look even more sensual. When it comes to making up blue eyes we will also take into account other factors, such as the features of the face, the color of skin and hair, and of course the style you want to transmit.

1 Shadows in earth colors

They are the most appropriate to highlight the look and give it a sophisticated touch, without dazzling too much. That is why they are ideal for making up blue eyes during the day. Beige or light brown tones will bring luminosity, especially in skins that are not too light and with brown and dark blonde hair. You can also use brown or light blue eyeliner, which will make your look more intense but at the same time young.

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2 Pastel shadows

Pastel tones go very well with blue or blue eyes, especially in young women and teenagers. Pale pinks, light blue, greens, yellows, can look great as long as you use an eyeliner to the tone, because if you use a darker one you can cause too strong a contrast and make your look become a little aggressive.

3 Dark Masks

A large percentage of women with light blue eyes have light hair and their eyebrows and eyelashes also have a light hue. In these cases, if we want to highlight the blue eyes and give presence to the look, it is advisable to use black or brown masks, in this way the eyelashes will have more consistency and will give an interesting frame to the eye.

4 Shadows with brightness

They are a good choice of night makeup for blue eyes. It is advisable to opt for copper or brown tones; In addition to highlighting your look you will have a very appropriate brightness for a night out. You can also outline your eye below and you will create a very nice contrast.

5 Contrasts

For the most daring, or who do not want to go unnoticed with their gaze, they can create an extreme contrast using a light or pastel color shadow, but making a very intense outline in black and using a good black mask to give volume and length to the eyelashes.

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