Makeup tricks for brown eyes

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Every woman knows that good makeup can make big changes in our face, such as increasing the volume of the lips, intensifying the look or marking the line of your cheekbones to refine the contour of your face. Today we want to take advantage of this great resource and show you some makeup tips for brown eyes. The shades you use to make up your eyes will also depend on the occasion (day or night makeup), your skin tone, and the clothing you wear. But we will give you several options, and above all, some tricks to highlight the look, which you can use every time you put on makeup.

Dark shadows: The brown, chocolate and black tones are perfect to use at night and to give more intensity and depth to your look. Always try to create a smoke and do it by tones, starting with the clearest at the apex of your eye and go darkening out. These shades go very well with hazel eyes.

Dorados y Cobrizos: This type of shadows bring a little more light and brightness to the look; and if you do it in light tones it is ideal to use during the day; you can also adapt it with stronger tones and a good outline, for a night out. They define the shape of the eye very well and the metallic tones are perfect to highlight the color of the brown eyes, something that is not easy to achieve.

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Pastel tones: It is the best makeup of the day for brown eyes, since they soften the look, provide a lot of light and also contrast with dark eyes. It is also very appropriate for the youngest girls who are just beginning to make up their face. The best shades of shade for brown eyes will be pink, beige, or natural. For the most daring, some yellow, orange, or light blue tone, but try to clarify them very well.

Greens and blues: They are shades that will go very well for light brown eyes, and it is important to soften the color by making a good blur and that it is not too strong and artificial. You can also use green or blue eyeliners and combine it with all light browns. As always, don’t forget to finish it with a good mascara.

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