Natural and painless hair removal - Tips and methods

Natural and painless hair removal – Tips and methods

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There are more and more products and remedies that appear on the market to be able to shave all areas of the body. Some are only advisable to perform them in beauty centers, such as photoepilation and laser, and others can also be used at home, as is the case with wax.

When choosing one medium or another you will have to take into account the type of skin you have and the part of your body that you want to get rid of hair.

After shaving you will have to apply a cream with soothing effects to relieve the skin; Lotions can also be applied before shaving to reduce pain, such as lotions with cold effect.

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Today we are going to focus on natural hair removal. Below we offer you all the details so you can shave with natural elements in the comfort of your home.

1 Waxing

Undoubtedly the method par excellence to be able to perform a homemade hair removal. Its advantages are many, among others the comfort and durability of the results, between 5 and 8 weeks.

The wax weakens the hair and if we are constant we will achieve that it manages to disappear completely after a few years or that it comes out in smaller quantities.

Cold wax

  • Removes hair at the root
  • Easy to apply, it usually comes in a package of bands that are placed on the skin and pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Being at room temperature prevents burns and it is enough to warm it a little between the hands so that it is ready for use
  • Its main disadvantage is that the hair may not be completely torn off and we will need to give a review with a blade or tweezers

Hot wax

  • Plucks hair from the root
  • It usually comes in small jars that can be heated in the kitchen or in a microwave. It is applied with a small spatula (already included with the boat) and after drying it is removed with a dry and energetic pull in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair
  • Leaves the skin soft and smooth after the process
  • Can be reused
  • You have to be careful with burns if you apply the very hot wax, so before starting submerge the tip of a finger to check the temperature
  • Not indicated for very sensitive and irritated skin

2 Hair Removal with Sugar

2 Hair Removal with Sugar

Sugar is another natural element that we can apply at home to shave. It is about forming a depilatory ball with the following ingredients: water, lemon juice and sugar.

Put a small saucepan in the Bain-Marie and when it begins to boil the lemon juice (a medium glass) and the necessary sugar are poured. Sugar is added and stirred until a kind of amber ball with a somewhat liquid texture is formed.

It is applied in a wax-like manner and removed with a flat spatula.

It is considered a less dirty medium than wax and the remains of sugar can be cleaned after finishing under the tap.

Sugar hair removal is less painful than wax.

It is the most used means to do Brazilian hair removal of the anus and pubic in women and pubic hair in men; if you want to shave the bikini area, also opt for this technique.

Be careful as the temperature of hot sugar can be elevated and leave you with marks and blisters. Expect it to have a good temperature so as not to burn you.

Option of long results, from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on its correct application.

3 Hair removal with thread

3 Hair removal with thread

The most common to depilate small areas of the body, especially the face, such as whiskers, eyebrows, hair on the cheeks or chin. Some women use it to pluck hairs around the navel.

Outline well and trim the excess hair of the parts you are going to treat. For example, if you are going to fix your eyebrows, first mark with a pencil the shape you want to fit the eyebrow and then remove the hairs from the outline. Of course not all areas will need this remarking.

Hold the rolled cotton thread around your fingers and gently pass it around the hairs to be removed until you remove them all. It is better that the thread is long, so you will hold it more firmly.

The duration of hair removal with thread will depend on factors such as hardness and hair length, however it usually lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

4 Hair Removal with Blade

4 Hair Removal with Blade

One of the best known methods although not the best to shave according to experts. Despite the fact that new models of blades are taken out every day, they do not finish curdling at all. It is a quick method of hair removal and we only recommend using it in cases of emergency.

Before shaving with a blade, it would be appropriate for you to take a shower and exfoliate gently to obtain better effects.

You have to buy regular spare parts for the blades to avoid oxidation and deterioration.

The results we obtain do not usually last more than two weeks, after which we will see the hair come out again, usually much harder and more resistant.

5 Silicon Hair Removal

5 Silicon Hair Removal

This option of homemade hair removal consists of rubbing the area to be depilated with gloves that incorporate microcrystals of sackcloth and that help remove hair.

It is recommended to rub gently, without squeezing too much, as we could leave redness and irritations on the skin.

It is a painless system that also exfoliates the skin during the process; a double advantage that is effective and economical in equal parts.

The hair gradually weakens and after a period of time disappears completely; but you have to be constant in the use of the glove, about 2 or 3 times a month, depending on the speed of hair growth.

There are other types of microcrystals on the market that are used in a similar way.

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