neck tattoos for women

Neck tattoos for women

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Neck tattoos for women with names

If you are thinking of getting a neck tattoo, you can go for a common option: a name tattoo. If you want to remember someone or get something tattooed in honor of a loved one or someone who has deeply marked your life, you can get their name tattooed. It is true that tattooing a name is not easy, because if that person ends up not being part of your life, you could come to regret it. However, on your skin you will decide for yourself.

neck tattoos for women

You can get a name tattooed on your neck behind the ear, at the nape of the neck or at the base of the neck, in a sophisticated, delicate and beautiful way. For example, the name of your parents, grandparents, siblings or children, can be a perfect option, also the name of your pet will be nice.

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You can also bet on your own name, as if it were a necklace. The important thing when you tattoo names, letters or phrases, will always be to select a design adapted to you and in which the font of the letter will be the key to a satisfactory result.

Tattoos on the neck for women of letters and phrases

Letters and phrases are a common resource when we think about getting a tattoo. Why not use it for a neck tattoo for women? Single letters or phrases are perfect for giving your tattoo a special, powerful and unique meaning.

In this case, you only have to take into account which phrase or letter to choose, so as not to regret it in the future. You have different options, from the initial of your friends, family or loved ones that you want to remember and pay tribute to, to motivational phrases with a powerful message that you never want to forget. Likewise, you can also choose phrases in other languages ​​or through symbols that only a few can decipher.

The options in terms of letters and phrases are very varied and different. In addition, when preparing your design, you should not only take into account the letter or phrase you want to put, but also the typology that best suits your style. This type of tattoo on the neck for women with meaning will give meaning and originality to your own essence. Do you dare to try it?

Small neck tattoos for women

A small tattoo on the neck for women is a success. You can find varied designs full of symbolism and originality that will make that small detail something very special. Here are some ideas:

Star tattoo on the neck for women

Stars and constellations are perfect tattoos to put on your neck. The stars represent the universe, greatness and also the divine bond, as they personify spirituality. In addition, through the stars the night is illuminated and with it they act as a guide for us. For all these reasons, the stars are elements of great power and protection, because through their light they protect us from darkness.

If you are thinking of a meaningful neck tattoo for women that is small, beautiful and full of symbolism, the star will be your best representative. In addition, depending on the number of points it has, you can relate it to the divine. Simple and perfect.

Cross tattoo on the neck for women

Another spiritual element through which you can express your religious beliefs or even represent nature is the cross. The tattoos on the neck of a cross allow you to show your personal experiences, as they will give it one or another meaning.

As for the cross that represents your religious beliefs, we find the cross of Christ, for example, but we can also express spirituality and nature through the union of the lines of the cross, through solar crosses, for example.

In addition, through this tattoo on the neck for women with meaning, you can represent life, overcoming problems, memories… Well, this element collects all the symbols that you will find in your personal experiences.

Kisses tattoo on the neck for women

Sexy and daring. If you are looking for a sensual and provocative tattoo, with which you can hint at your own desires, the kiss tattoo on the neck is perfect for you. It is an original idea with which to express love. In addition, you can make a design of your own lips or those of your partner, so that they are engraved and reflected on your skin.

You may be interested in learning about other neck tattoo options for equally sexy women. To do this, check out our article on Sexy tattoos for women.

Butterfly tattoos on the neck for women

Butterflies embody natural beauty and their image is associated with hope, faith, transformation and freedom. Their symbolism and meaning make them a recurring tattoo for many people and anywhere on the body, but if we talk about the female neck, the butterfly represents femininity and romantic love. The geometric game that its wings offer make them become a very interesting, beautiful and unique tattoo on the neck for the person who wears it.

Also, butterflies are an element present in many cultures. For example, in the Japanese they consider these insects as the personification of the soul and it is a sign of good omen. In Russian culture, butterflies represent women and in Western culture it is associated with love. The beliefs of the Aztecs also valued these delicate creatures representing the soul of women, warriors and children.

If you want to have a meaningful neck tattoo for women, you can play with the design and color of the butterfly to give it even more symbolism. For example, the blue butterfly is related to good luck, the rose with romantic love, the white with purity. We give you more ideas in our post Meaning of butterfly tattoos.

But in addition, butterfly designs are multiple, varied and suitable for all tastes, such as the butterfly with a skull, a typical combination of old school tattoos. Another reason to get a butterfly tattoo on your neck is because it is suitable for any size. If the tattoo is small, on the neck or the back of the neck it will look great. Don’t stay without your butterfly!

Flower tattoos on the neck for women

Flowers have a special meaning and are usually a common design for women, no matter how old they are, it is always a good option for a neck tattoo for women. In addition, there are many flowers and floral designs, so you can choose from a wide variety of possibilities, colors and shapes, making your tattoo unique and special.

And it is that there is an immense diversity of flowers in the world and each one of them can symbolize something in particular. If you want to know more about this, read our Flower Tattoos: Meanings article. In addition, you can bet on tattooing a single flower, a vine, a floral design that combines various flowers and do it in color, black and white, watercolor.

This type of neck tattoo is also perfect given its great versatility: you can place your flower design behind the ear or on one side, on the lower part of the neck as a necklace or even on the nape of the neck. Any option is good. Choose the flower that you like the most and you will have a unique neck tattoo.

Wings tattoos on the neck for women

The wings symbolize purity, protection, morality or religion, but also beauty and strength and even perfection. There are many shapes of wings and you can find countless designs, with different sizes and colors. Through a tattoo on the neck of wings you can express your freedom and your adventurous character.

Tattooing your own wings on your neck will help you gain the strength to fly, to achieve your goals and to fight for everything you want, taking a leap of faith and hope. This neck tattoo for women with meaning will not disappoint you. To learn more about the symbolism of this tattoo, read our post on the meaning of wings tattoos.

Crown tattoos on the neck for women

You are a queen and therefore you need your own crown. This neck tattoo of a crown represents sovereignty and power over your own life. The authority you have in yourself and the value you must give yourself. Through the crown you can always remember who you are and keep your self-esteem in the place it deserves. Furthermore, crowns can also be tattooed to show an inseparable bond or to honor a person.

Strength, independence and self-control are some of the messages that you will send through a crown tattoo on your neck. Check more information about the meaning of this neck tattoo for women in What is the meaning of crown tattoos.

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