Princess Peach Costume

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Be as sweet as peach this Halloween! This year, embrace your inner royalty with the timeless Princess Peach costume.

Find out why you should be Princess Peach this Halloween in this article.

Princess Peach

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should wear a Princess Peach costume this Halloween:

1. She’s Timeless

Princess Peach has been around for many decades already, making her one of the best known characters in video games. It doesn’t matter which generation you’re from, Princess Peach would easily be recognizable anywhere.

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2. Dress-up as a Princess

Who doesn’t want to be a princess? Halloween is a chance to wear a princess costume and make yourself pretty!

Don’t waste your chance, wearing this costume can make you feel like you’re really a royalty, especially with her crown and gown to match!

A Princess Peach costume

3. Show off your Gamer Side

Gaming is not just for boys! The best way to show off your gaming creds is through a costume that references a classic game.

Princess Peach has been part of the Mario franchise for years and aside from being the most popular female video game character, she also has the most video game appearance out of any female characters.

4. Versatility

Princess Peach has a versatile costume. You can go the extra mile with amazing makeup and style your own wig, or you can choose to just go with your natural hair.

You can also add your own twist to her costume or just keep it as is!

5. Be Comfortable in a Costume

A lot of costumes may be uncomfortable if worn for a long time, especially if it’s ill-fitting.

If you want a costume that will be comfortable and could last in a party, choose Princess Peach. Her dress allows easy movement and a relaxed evening of Halloween fun.

Here’s where you can get your Princess Peach costume.

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