100 Fashion Tips: How to look and feel amazing




Get our 100 Fashion Tips today to look and feel amazing, no matter your style or body shape. Here are some example tips:

#7: Know how much makeup to wear during summer. During summer, it is not a good idea to wear heavy makeup. Wearing minimal amount of makeup during summer time is the best way to do it, due to the fact that it is going to be hot outside. By wearing minimal makeup during summer, you can easily make it complement with your summer clothing.

#25: Jacket buttons. When buying a coat or a jacket, you should take note that the number of its buttons should not exceed three. Aside from that, if you have a jacket that has three buttons, you should take note that only the top most button should be used. If you feel that it does not look good in doing that though, due to its design, then it probably is.

#59: Fashion for petite ladies. One of your goals when it comes to being in line with fashion is to make you look taller, when you are petite. To achieve that, you can wear a shirt, pants, and shoes, all in one color. Dressing all in one color can make you look taller and slimmer, especially if you wear something that has a dark shade.

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