100 Make Up Tips: How the Professionals Use Make Up


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Get our 100 Make Up Tips today to look and feel amazing, no matter your complexion. Here are some example tips:

#11: Have fun. To become more effective in applying makeup on your face, you should see it as a fun activity. Don’t put yourself down just because you are not able to perfect it on your first few attempts. Practice more, and be excited on the outcome, so that you will eventually improve your makeup skills.

#39. Lifespan of your foundation. The lifespan of your foundation can actually depend on the way that you use it. In most cases, if you use it with a pump, it can last for 8 months. However, if you are using it by dipping your fingers into the bottle, then you cannot expect it to go beyond the 6-month period.

#86: Enhancing your eyes with a concealer. A concealer is something that you can use to enhance your eyes aside from hiding the your lower eye circles. Since the concealer can brighten up your eye area, your eyes would be emphasised. Just pair it up with mascara though, and curl up your eyelashes to provide you with a more youthful look.

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