Rock Your Toga Costume and Steal the Show at the Toga Party

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When it comes to parties, there’s nothing like a toga party to spice things up! Toga parties have been a staple of college social life for decades. Well, there’s a good reason for that – getting drunk while in a toga costume is an absolute blast!

While you could wear the normal plain white sheet, why not blow away everyone in your next toga party by going out wearing an actual toga!

Read below to find out what you could do for your next toga party!

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Toga Costume Guide

Choose the Right Fabric

Fabric is key for toga costumes. You’ll want to wear something lightweight, like linen or cotton so you don’t end up sweating profusely in the midst of the party.

However, don’t go for anything too flimsy or sheer, as that could lead to an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

A blend of polyester is also an excellent option if you want a fabulously realistic-looking toga but don’t want to deal with the pesky wrinkles that often accompany a linen or cotton fabric.


Wearing a toga costume isn’t just about fabric around your body. You also need accessories to look more Roman.

Go for a pair of gladiator sandals or strappy flats for a casual look. Or maybe, add a gold laurel wreath band to complete that Roman inspiration. Anything could work!

Wear the Toga with Confidence

There’s no better accessory than confidence! You can practice your majestic walk for a booming entrance. If you want, you can also simply just practice moving with your toga days before the party.

The toga may also be hard to put on so it’s much better to practice your dance and walk to avoid any mishaps at the party.

Mr. Toga Party Costume

Avoid any accidents or ruining your favorite plain bed sheet. This costume is a great choice for your toga party!

This costume is one that will surely rise above the others. We’re sure that this is a costume that’s fit for even Caesar himself.

More than that, this also fits everything we’re looking for in a toga party. It’s made with a polyester blend, ensuring that it’s comfortable and light enough for an all-night long party.

You also won’t need to plan out your outfit and practice putting it on as this is easy to wear. Just drape the toga over you and add the medallion, and that’s it!

This is a perfect wear for any toga party!

Looking for other costumes? Here are some great choices for your next costume!

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