Roller Skating Barbie Outfit

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Be the Center of the Crowd’s Attention as Roller Skating Barbie

It may be months since the movie was released but we can’t get over Barbie summer, a season full of pink. With different costumes such as Disco Barbie and Roller Skating Barbie, why not carry it over until Halloween? 

Margot Robbie served looks in the Barbie movie. But one outfit stands out, the roller skating Barbie outfit is one of the most memorable outfits in the movie. 

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Margot Robbie as Roller Skating Barbie

Before the movie was even released, a photo of the scene was captured when they were filming at Venice Beach, California. And what can we say, it was the moment!

The roller skating outfit has become one of the most memorable Barbie looks. The neon colors and the ’90s style costume screams Barbie, making this recognizable even from afar.

With the original costume from the ’90s called “Hot Skatin’ Barbie”, the movie version of roller skating Barbie has become an icon. Her neon outfit is eye-catching and makes her stand out from the crowd when Barbie and Ken skate to get to the real world. 

This Halloween, you can be Barbie too! Barbie’s roller skating costume will make you the star at every party. It’s also the perfect costume for couples if you want to go with your own Ken. 

If you don’t have a Ken yet, maybe this costume will bring you your own Ken!

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