spring nail designs

Spring nail designs

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If you are one of those who love to wear nails according to the season of the year you are living in, this article is perfect for you. With the arrival of spring, casual and colorful manicure designs open up.

But do you know which styles are the most beautiful for your spring nails? If you are still not sure, pay attention to the following spring nail designs. In full color, with flowers, pastel colors, French manicures 2.0 Discover everything you need to enjoy spectacular nails this spring.

Spring nails with flowers

To speak of spring is to speak of flowers and, without a doubt, it is one of the preferred options when it comes to getting a manicure. Is there something more spring? You can bet on a spring nail design with simple flowers, like daisies, or other classics like flowers with round petals or other more daring ones like a sunflower or a cherry tree.

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spring nail designs

Through this type of motif, which you can combine with pastel or more striking tones, you can create fantasy or even sober and elegant manicures. The important thing is to choose the base of the manicure, how you want the flower to be and its position. Through the flowers you can get sensational manicures. Try to combine them with pastel shades so that your manicure is ideal this spring. How about with light blues, purples, yellows or oranges? Safe bet!

Spring nails with colorful curves

Colored curves are in full trend this spring. This is a nail design with spring tones that are combined with each other without a clear pattern. You can bet on pastel shades or more vibrant colors to achieve a unique and spectacular effect.

This manicure is ideal for both long and short spring nails, because the goal is to achieve a mix of tones and shapes, without a clear standard. If you want full color, fun and original nails, bet on the design with colored curves.

Wavy Tip Spring Nails

With the arrival of spring, it is time to reinvent yourself and we can do it through one of the classic manicures: the French manicure. The idea of ​​this spring gel nail design is to give the tip of the nail an organic shape and colors, to avoid the sobriety of the French nail and give it an original and fun touch.

This design is the latest in terms of manicure and the idea is to combine pastel colors, with white edges and transparencies, all in a free format that will give your spring nails personality. If you want to do them at home, follow the instructions in our post How to do a French manicure step by step. Test it!

Spring nails with multi-colored French manicure

We know that the French manicure is a safe bet but with the arrival of spring it’s time to give it a more original, fun and colorful touch. If you are a lover of this technique, sign up for this trendy spring nail design. It is a minimalist nail art, at the same time elegant, that combines the traditional base with the colored finish. You can bet on combining pastel shades such as light blue, green, pink, pastel yellow. What is your winning combination?

Spring nails with reverse French manicure

Another fun option this spring is the reverse French manicure design. The idea is to make the part of the spring nail design at the base of the nail, instead of at the tip. To make the design even more original, try combining powerful colors such as pink and fuchsia, different shades of blue or go for a classic base and make the manicure stripe in a more vibrant color. Everything is accepted!

Monochrome sky-blue spring nails

If there is a color in trend this spring it is called sky blue or baby blue. Without a doubt, this shade has become the favorite color among pastel shades.

If you also want to join this fashion, you can take advantage of this classic single-color design where the only protagonist of your hands is sky blue. Also, this manicure will combine perfectly with your spring outfits where denim and light colors are all the rage.

Spring nails with fluorine colors

With the arrival of good weather, who doesn’t want to show off different and daring colors on their spring gel nails? If you are one of those who wants to take risks this spring, you should not miss the manicures based on fluorine colors. Surely you have noticed that these vibrant colors are gradually taking over the cabinets, so you should not unload it on your nails.

Oranges, greens, yellows, pinks, electric blues. These spring nail designs transmit energy, strength, joy and good vibes, manicures based on these colors are for you. Only suitable for daring!

Pastel Pink Spring Nails

For the most classic, pastel pink monochromatic manicures cannot be missing this year. If you want a manicure with a nail design in spring colors but discreet, elegant and sober, this is the most suitable color for you and, you are also in luck, because it is a trend this spring.

Pastel pink goes perfectly with any outfit and is ideal for those who want to keep their nails well-groomed without drawing too much attention to themselves. Traditional, classic and very beautiful. And, in addition, you can do them yourself if you follow the steps in our post How to do a semi-permanent manicure at home.

Multicolored spring nails

Cheerful, fun, original. This is the multicolored manicure. The idea is that each nail is painted a different color. This design is very special and, best of all… You set the rules! If you are one of those who wants to risk, you can choose different colors to make the combination between them. In case you have more doubts, maybe you can make a straight flush.

Be that as it may, write down these colors: lilac, pink, orange, blue and green. Do you dare to try it?

Spring nails with rhinestones

The manicure has been revolutionized in recent years and it is increasingly common to see elements such as rhinestones in our hands. If you have a special occasion this spring, you can bet on a more daring and original manicure, adding small crystals to the nail as accessories. This type of rhinestones is the latest in nail design and is going to be a hit this spring. Do you dare to try it?

Spring nails with patterns and prints

This spring you can’t ignore the infinity of patterns and prints that you can add to your manicure. In addition to the flowers, which cannot be missing, you can also bet on stripes, squares or the combination of different prints on each nail. What do you think of polka dots, colored leopards, fruits or tribal motifs? Any pattern is welcome in spring nail design. Test it!

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