summer nail designs

Summer nail designs

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What are the real trends to show off splendid nails this summer? In we have the answer. In this new beauty article, we are going to give you the keys so that you know everything about the summer nails that are sweeping the networks. Neon colors, vibrant tones, classics such as nude or pastel tones, colored French, watercolors, milky nails, baby boomer. Below, we give your ideas on summer nail designs with which you can highlight your tan and look a spectacular manicure during these months. Which one do you prefer?

summer nail designs

Baby boomers

If we talk about trendy nails, we must talk about the baby boomer, also known as French faded. It is a degraded French manicure that is done using a sponge with the aim of blending the tone of the tip of the nail with the base of it. This summer nail design can be done in the classic shades of French, but there are also variations. How about doing it in shades of fuchsia, green or blue? If you want to innovate, try making some baby boomers with the most vibrant colors of summer. They will not disappoint you! If you like this design, you may be interested in reading this other article on Baby Boomer Nails: what they are and how to do them – with photo.

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Milky nails

Natural nails never go out of style and this summer much less: they are a safe bet. The milky nails stylize your hands and also enhance the tan, so you can’t miss the opportunity to get this elegant summer nail design. The finish of these nails is milky or milky and looks good on any hand. In addition, you can combine them with nude or light pink tones so that the result is even more spectacular.

One line

If you are one of the daring ones, we propose a technique that is very present both in fashion and in interior design and is breaking into more and more manicures, the online. This type of manicure consists of making abstract designs with a single stroke, which can be done on one or more nails and with different motifs. In addition, combining it with a black tone you will achieve elegant and sophisticated nails, perfect for summer.


There is no summer without fluorine colors and we can keep them in mind, too, in our manicure. The minimalist designs with vibrant and fluorescent colors, such as orange, green, fuchsia or yellow, will be ideal to highlight the tan and show off fun nails, worthy of this time of year. Combine the fluorescent ones with dots, stripes, French or designs that combine different shades with waves or more abstract designs, where the true protagonist is the color. There are no limits!

Waves of colors

Waves of colors in manicures are very fashionable and, in addition, through them you can combine different trends this summer. For example, you can do it in fluorescent tones, in pastel colors or in vitamin tones, always on a natural basis. Another option is to make thicker waves in which there is no base, just lines of fun colors. Whether you want subtle waves with more neutral colors or something more extravagant, colored waves on nails are a must this summer.

Pastel tones

Pink, mint green, light yellow, baby blue, lavender nails… Pastel tones are in fashion and they look great in simple summer nail designs, since in addition to being fun they help us enhance our tan and highlight our skin. You can bet on pastel tones in a single-color manicure, perform a French one or combine several techniques to make more original designs. Also, you can make a combination of different pastel shades to make a perfect color scale for this summer. Test it!

French of colors

Without a doubt, it is the latest trend in terms of nails: the colored French. It has become one of the revolutions of the season and has been going strong in networks. This design allows you to mix different colors and tones in a simple but elegant way. The base will be a natural nude tone and the French will be made with different shades. You can choose pastel shades, fluorine or make a strident combination with your favorite colors. The colored French manicure is a must for this season.


Metallic and iridescent colors are in fashion, so we suggest you use them in your next gel nails for the summer. Through these colors you can enhance the tan of the skin and it works very well both to do it in a French manicure, and to decorate a nail. And if you are one of the daring… You can use the iridescent ones for all your nails! Ideal to dazzle on your summer nights. If you are 100% sure you want to wear iridescent nails, you may be interested in the article on Holographic Nails: how to do them and designs.

Reverse French

Another of the current trends is the inverted French. This type of manicure is becoming very fashionable and can be a safe bet this summer. It is a design that you can customize, combining it with the colors that you like the most. For example, if you want something more sober you can do the inverted manicure using neutral colors and pastel tones. On the other hand, if you want to bet on combining trends, you can add fluorine and neon to give a more original and creative touch to your manicure, with which you will not go unnoticed.

Multicolored gradient

Making each nail one color is a safe bet, that’s why multicolor gradients are still an option par excellence when it comes to summer manicures. The only change this year is that it is committed to multicolored gradients in cold tones, where the presence of pastel blues, lavender and pinks are very present in this type of design. Do you dare to try it?

Vitamin tones

The vibrant tones are here to stay, so one of the summer manicures should be dedicated to them. Vitamin tones are very present in clothes and accessories, so this manicure will be the ideal complement for this type of looks. Greens, yellows, oranges, fuchsias and electric blues are perfect summer nail colors. And if you combine them all in a single manicure? The result will be sensational.

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