Tattoos on the pelvis for women

Tattoos on the pelvis for women

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Tattoos are a practice that every day has become more common among people of all ages. What before could be seen as something bizarre and punctual, every day is more frequent, both in men and women. For this reason, there are many people who need inspiration and ideas when defining what their next tattoo will be. Within tattoos for women, a highly valued and daring area is the pelvis.

Tattoos on the pelvis for women

Designs have advanced and not only tribal tattoos are worn on the lower back or hip tattoos, but a whole multitude of designs have been developed in different parts of the pelvis that adapt to all kinds of tastes.

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Tattoo on the lower back

The lumbar area is one of the most classic of the pelvic tattoos for women, whether they are elegant or more daring. This fashion, which was already established in the 2000s, is one of the most widespread within the designs in the pelvic area. Due to its shape, often flat and elongated, it can accommodate a multitude of designs. In addition, it does not usually change in volume over time, so the tattoo will not be deformed.

Tribal tattoo on the lower back

One of the most seen and repeated tattoos within the lower back is precisely that of tribal designs. This type of tattoo can be more or less large, covering the entire area above the beginning of the buttocks. It is perfect to wear in summer with crop tops and low-rise pants.

Mini tattoo on the hip

If what you are looking for is something more hidden and innovative, mini tattoos can be your solution. These simple and fine designs can be personalized and can be placed on any part of the body. However, the hip area is especially suitable, as it gives the tattoo a higher degree of intimacy. The designs of moons, geometric figures or simple drawings are usually the most sought after for hip tattoos.

In this article you will find 8 small tattoos for women, where you will find perfect designs for the hip and other tattoos to be done on the pelvis.

Tattoo on the belly

If you are looking for sexy pelvic tattoos for women, some of the most popular are those that are made on the belly, just below the navel and before the pubis. In this thin horizontal line, you can play and experiment with simple designs, fine and subtle drawings, and even an inspiring phrase.

Tattoo on the pubis

If you want to go one step further, dare with a sexier tattoo but, at the same time, discreet. Within the pelvis, one of the best places is the pubis. If you do not have a very thick area of ​​​​hair, it can be a good place to tattoo thanks to its inverted triangle shape.

If you need ideas for this type of daring tattoos, check out these sexy tattoos for women.

Tattoo covering one side

On the contrary, if you want to have a tattoo that is seen and tells a story, you can do it on the entirety of one of the sides. In this way, you can opt for a more striking large design. It can be a floral still life, the bust of an animal, or some kind of elongated scene.

Tattoo covering both sides

Another idea that you can plan if you are looking for tattoos on the pelvis for women with meaning is to propose a duplicate and inverse design in the side area. In this case, we can play with the shape of our body and decorate both sides the same, but with different meanings: Ying and yang, water and fire, black and white, etc.

Tattoo on the hip bone

Another of the areas within which we can get a tattoo with a lot of versatility is on the hip bone. In this area, the most recommended are small designs with simple lines due to the constant changes that the area can experience over the years, even more so as a woman in case of pregnancy.

Double tattoo on hip bones

If you are very determined to do a wide tattoo, a similar idea to the one described above can be done on the sides but on both hip bones. This area is suitable for a duplicate and reverse tattoo, such as two swallows of a classic design, two feathers or two complementary objects that have a special meaning.

Thigh tattoo

Another of the places near the pelvic area where getting a tattoo is becoming more fashionable every day is on the thighs. Being one of the largest areas of our body, it is perfect for making larger designs that adapt to the convex shape of the muscle.

Navel tattoo

Winking again at the fashion and trends that were experienced in the 2000s, we can always consider making a design around the navel, using its circular shape and using spherical designs such as suns, flowers, mandalas, etc.

If unique and original tattoos are your thing, like navel tattoos, check out these 5 original tattoos for women.

Groin tattoo

Another of the most daring tattoos today, along with the pubic one, is the groin tattoo. This area is usually very sensitive, so special attention should be paid to care. However, it has many advantages, since it can be used in an ingenious way if we take advantage of its curved shape with special designs, such as vines or chains with petals.

Phrase tattoo on the groin

Following this same line of delicate pelvis tattoos for women, one of the designs that could serve as an idea with more customization potential is that of phrases. Using the elongated form of the groins, we can use one or both to write a sentence that is meaningful, serving as a link between the pelvis and the legs.

If you want to tattoo a phrase but you don’t know which one to choose, in this other article you have some ideas of short phrases for tattoos.

Large tattoo on the waist

If before we commented on the possibilities that tattoo designs for women have on the hip, they do not fall short on the waist either. We can use the lower area of ​​the waist, between the navel, the hip bone and the pubis to make a design that covers the entire area and adapts to the triangular curve that is generated. Still life style designs of flowers or mandalas are usually the most sought after.

Mini tattoo on the waist

Finally, if you are looking for small and discreet tattoos on the pelvis for women, the waist is ideal, since it is a fairly discreet area, which, on a day-to-day basis, is usually covered by clothing. For this case, a simple design at the waist such as a wave, a flame or a flower can work quite well.

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