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Are you in your Eras era? Or do you just want to star in your own Eras tour concert? It doesn’t matter whether you want to be the Anti-Hero at Eras Tour or just want to stay in the lavender haze during Halloween, here are some Taylor Swift costumes that are sure to have you shaking it off by the end of the night.

Here are some of our Taylor Swift costume recommendations that are perfect for Halloween and the Eras Tour:

1. Taylor Swift Cheerleader Costume

This Taylor Swift Cheerleader costume will make you keep on groovin’ until the end of night. Shake off the haters and get down to this pop star’s sick beat.

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2. Music Video Taylor Swift Costume

Has your midnights become your afternoons too? If you can’t get Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift out of your head, why not be the Anti-Hero instead?

Here’s the music video Taylor Swift costume that would get you saying, “it’s me, hi, I’m the problem” at everyone.

3. Favorite Video Hero Costume

Don’t want to be the “monster on the hill”? How about a different type of Anti-Hero this time?

This Favorite Video Hero Costume will have you singing at center stage!

4. Dripping in Diamonds Award Show Dress

Be award show ready and let yourself be bejeweled with this dripping in diamonds award show dress. This Taylor Swift costume was inspired by her red carpet look at the VMAs when she got a record-breaking number of nominations that night. This time, you can break your own records and let yourself shine!

5. Gold Fringe Concert Star Costume

Ready to dance in the pouring rain and be fearless? Then this Gold Fringe Concert Star costume is for you!

Inspired be the Fearless era, this Taylor Swift costume will make you feel like you’re a superstar experiencing you own love story for the first time.

6. Purple Sequin Taylor Swift Costume

Stay in the lavender haze with this Taylor Swift costume. The purple sequin Taylor Swift costume is a perfect match for Taylor’s Midnight set at the Eras tour.

7. Taylor Swift Concert Tour Costume

Want to add some more life into your costume from above? Add Taylor’s Lavender Haze fur coat from the Taylor Swift concert tour costume that will get your inner pop star out!

If you want to get that red lip classic thing that Taylor Swift has, these costumes will have everyone telling you you’re the lucky one for getting them!

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