The best brushes for fine and brittle hair

The best brushes for fine and brittle hair

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One of the main problems faced by a person with medium or long hair is brushing, since depending on the type of hair, pulling or massive hair breakage can occur when trying to untangle it. It especially happens to those who have fine and brittle hair, taking dozens of hairs with them every time they wash their hair and have to comb it. To avoid these problems, there are specialized brushes on the market for treating this type of hair, so you won’t have to suffer the typical pulling and you can also untangle your hair avoiding hair breakage and deterioration of the hair fibers.

The best brushes for fine and brittle hair

Tangle Tweezer Anti-Pull Brush

This brush has become a best seller for being ideal for detangling hair without pulling thanks to its innovative system of bristles that glide through any type of wet hair, whether curly, fine, thick or even wigs, thus facilitating brushing. Its ergonomic handle allows you to use it comfortably, it can also be used in the shower. Brushing from the top of the head is recommended. Available in pink and black.

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Lily England Detangling Hair Brush

This brush will help you detangle your hair whatever type it is: fine, thick or curly, regardless of whether it is wet or dry. It is made up of a panel of 274 flexible bristles that glide smoothly without causing breakage or hair loss. In addition, its rose gold design will be very beautiful on your dressing table. It is also recommended for children.

Annabella Anti-Pull Bio Brush

With this brush you will be able to comb your hair easily and comfortably, without pulling, thanks to its innovative technology you will be able to untangle your hair without suffering. Its ergonomic design allows it to adapt to both the shape of your head and the scalp, thanks to its head. It is made of bioplastics from straw, 100% recyclable, vegan and very resistant.

Brush for weak or fine hair Food

This brush is specially designed to comb fine or weak hair, with a tendency to break. It is made up of a panel of 100% natural pure boar bristles and an ergonomic handle made of highly resistant beech wood. Its cushion, made of high-quality soft rubber, offers a satisfying brushing experience. Includes a wooden comb to untangle the hair.

Ter mix Evolution Soft Brush

This round thermal brush is designed with fibers specially designed for fine and delicate hair, avoiding pulling and disarranging the hair without any kind of suffering. It is made of polypropylene and Santorini, which gives it a pleasant, non-slip feel thanks to its soft and rubbery texture. In addition, its innovative diamond perforation reduces drying time by 30% compared to other conventional brushes.

Its ergonomic handle is also designed for long-term professional use. The tube is non-stick; therefore, it prevents residue from accumulating. Available in different diameters.

URAQT hairbrush

This brush is designed to untangle all types of hair, massage the scalp and give it extra shine. Its curved design hugs the scalp for greater comfort and superior styling control. Its nine horizontal air outlets allow air to pass through the brush, accelerating hair drying. The design of its handle has been improved, more durable and with a hole to hang it.

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