The best essential oils for the face

The best essential oils for the face

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We would all like to show off a radiant, smooth face that is free of any imperfection such as acne or blemishes. For this, sometimes we go to any cosmetic store and acquire some of the different treatments for the care of our skin that they offer us. However, although these can be effective, they are also sometimes characterized by being a bit expensive. For this reason, in this article we want to talk about a much cheaper and more natural option essential oils.

The best essential oils for the face

Essential oils are products that we can find even at home and that can be very effective in solving some imperfections on our face, as long as we make sure that they are totally pure and natural, since in this way we will take better advantage of their properties for the skin. Read on and discover the best essential oils for the face.

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Coconut essential oil to moisturize the face

Among the best essential oils for the face, we find coconut oil since it has the following properties for the skin:

  • Moisturizing properties: its richness in uric acid and different vitamins, especially vitamin E and K, gives it a powerful moisturizing effect that deeply hydrates the skin. In addition, due to this property, coconut oil helps to regenerate the skin cellularly, resulting in a smooth and cared-for face.
  • Anti-aging properties: this natural product promotes the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Thanks to this benefit, this essential oil helps prevent premature aging of the skin, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Anti- inflammatory properties: this product is also a good option for sensitive faces or those with atopic skin, as it relieves different symptoms such as itching, dryness or redness of the face.

To apply it to your face, simply put a couple of drops of this oil on your fingertips and gently massage your face, emphasizing the driest areas. If you want to take full advantage of its benefits, apply it before bed and leave it to act all night. The next morning, rinse your face with lukewarm water to remove any oily residue.

Jojoba oil to rejuvenate the face

Another of the best options for caring for our face is jojoba oil as it is rich in vitamins (especially from group B and E) and acids and essential oils (linolenic, myristic, tocopherols and ceramides). All this provides the following properties for our skin:

  • Anti-aging properties: its richness in the nutrients that we have mentioned above make this essential oil an excellent natural remedy to combat skin aging. On the one hand, it increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, and on the other, it prevents the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. The result is a firm, smooth face free of signs of aging.
  • Moisturizing properties: its high content of essential oils gives it a powerful moisturizing effect that helps to deeply hydrate the face and retain the water absorbed by our skin cells.
  • Anti- inflammatory properties: thanks to its moisturizing power, jojoba oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory, which makes it a good remedy to reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of bags and dark circles.

To use jojoba oil to reduce wrinkles, either on the face or around the eyes, we will have to apply a few drops on our fingers and massage the areas affected by these imperfections. Let it act overnight and rinse your face the next morning with plenty of warm water.

Rosemary essential oil to reduce acne

Among the best essential oils for the face, you can’t miss the one made with rosemary, a medicinal plant that has various properties for the skin, especially for the treatment of acne. Among these benefits are the following:

  • Astringent properties: thanks to its richness in phenolic compounds (especially tannins), this product is excellent for reducing acne as it eliminates the accumulation of sebum in the pores and prevents them from becoming clogged again. Thanks to these properties, rosemary oil is also a very effective remedy for oily skin.
  • Healing properties: this oil has a powerful cell regenerating effect that promotes the recovery of tissue damaged by acne. In addition, thanks to its antiseptic properties, it also manages to disinfect pimples and pimples, thus preventing the condition from spreading to other areas of the face.
  • Anti- inflammatory properties: rosemary essential oil is a natural soothing agent that is ideal both for treating acne and other conditions such as eczema and/or dermatitis. Thanks to this benefit, it manages to relieve some of the symptoms of these imperfections such as swelling, itching or redness of the face.

To use this essential oil, you will first have to wash your face well with a neutral soap and then dry it by gently patting it with a towel. Then apply a few drops of this oil on your fingertips, gently massage the affected areas of the face and let it dry.

Calendula oil for the face, ideal for skin problems

Another excellent option for our face is calendula oil, especially for the most sensitive skin or those with a tendency to develop skin problems, since it has the following benefits:

  • Anti- inflammatory properties: calendula oil is an excellent remedy for atopic skin or skin that has a tendency to develop conditions such as dermatitis, allergic reactions or psoriasis. Thanks to these properties, it relieves some typical symptoms of these disorders such as itching, swelling of the skin or rashes.
  • Moisturizing properties: its richness in vitamin E provides it with great moisturizing power that helps retain absorbed water in the skin. This benefit makes this oil a good option for especially dry faces.
  • Exfoliating properties: its powerful cleansing action makes it a good exfoliant for the face as it removes the accumulation of impurities that are clogging the pores, resulting in smoother and softer skin.

To use this oil as a remedy for skin problems, simply apply a few drops to your fingers and gently massage the affected areas of your face. Let it act overnight and remove the traces of oil the next morning with warm water.

However, if you want to use the oil as a facial scrub, mix 5-6 drops of it with a tablespoon of salt or sugar to make a paste. Apply it on the face making gentle circles with your fingers and then remove it with warm water.

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