Things to be careful WITH when comsuming vitamins

Vitamin C is one of the substances that bring enormous benefits to the body. However, our body cannot synthesize this vitamin on its own. Therefore, adding vitamin C to the daily diet is very necessary.

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On hot days, people are often advised to take more vitamin C. Indeed, this ingredient brings many benefits to the body and skin. However, vitamin consumption is not “more is better” but needs to be adjusted and used appropriately to get the most benefits without experiencing unwanted side effects.


When do I know I should take a vitamin C supplement, many people often ask. Our body cannot synthesize this vitamin on its own. Therefore, when there is not enough supplement, the body “signals” with many different symptoms. Among them include body aches, fatigue, bruising, bleeding gums… You should pay attention to these unusual signs to have the appropriate supplement direction.

Lifestyle affects the body’s ability to synthesize vitamin C. Smoking, too strict a diet, using some particular treatment drugs… can lead to a deficiency of this vitamin.


Beauty followers are probably not unfamiliar with the skin lightening and acne-reducing effects of vitamin C. Besides the benefits of skincare when using cosmetics containing vitamin C, natural ingredients or food forms are consumed. The function of this ingredient also brings many benefits to the body.

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Specifically, vitamin C has miraculous effects on wound healing and recovery. The reason is that it can help the body produce collagen. Thanks to that, vitamin C also brings anti-aging benefits to muscles and skin. In addition, this vitamin also benefits the heart and circulatory system by antioxidants. It supports nitric oxide production, a molecule that plays a role in promoting blood circulation and reducing blood pressure. Not only that, but vitamin C also works to support the treatment of diabetes.


Skincare products containing vitamin C have been highly familiar to the beauty and skincare world. Consuming vitamin C requires other forms. Some common types of vitamin C for consumption are capsules or liquids. If you love something delicious, you can finish this substance in the form of chewable tablets or marshmallows. If you are on a diet, pay attention to choose sugar-free varieties. When you’re busy or on a special menu, you can add this vitamin directly to your drink in powder form.


The best sources of vitamins are fresh fruits and vegetables. However, the heat from cooking can destroy or reduce the natural dose of vitamin C. Therefore; you should eat fresh if possible. Some foods rich in this ingredient include oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.

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Although vitamin C is relatively benign, excessive consumption will lead to unpleasant side effects such as nausea, headache, diarrhea. Long-term overdose can lead to the risk of kidney stones.

In order not to lead to an overdose, make sure you consume the correct dosage. Depending on age, there will be different consumption levels. With functional foods, in a day, children should only take a maximum dose of 400 mg, children from 9-13 years old is 1200 mg, adolescents are 1800 mg, and adults are 2000 mg. The body usually only needs 45-120 mg daily supplements depending on age and gender (children and women will need lower amounts).

Consuming natural foods is safer and less likely to lead to overdose. In 100 grams of oranges, only about 53.2 mg.


Unlike vitamin A or vitamin E, vitamin C is water-soluble. This substance can be consumed at any time of the day. However, the best time to take this vitamin is on an empty stomach. Means in the morning upon waking, 30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal.

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