Tips to smile with braces

Tips to smile with braces

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Don’t think about braces

The first advice we want to give you is that you should not be constantly thinking about braces. We know that it is difficult and that learning to adapt to them takes a lot, from how to eat with braces to how to smile with braces for a photo. It is a matter of learning and adaptation. For many people, the fact of wearing braces can be a serious problem, but here comes the revelation: you give it much more importance than others! Therefore, you should keep in mind that the more you think about braces, the less natural your smile will be and the more others will notice you. If you want to achieve the opposite effect:

Tips to smile with braces

  • Act naturally
  • Feel comfortable with your braces
  • Don’t try to hide them by smiling
  • As soon as you manage to accept them and think that they are part of you, you will smile more and better.

Basic cleaning

Dental cleaning is a basic that should not be missing in our day-to-day life, and even more so if you wear braces. Whether they are metallic or invisible brackets, cleaning both the teeth and the appliance will be essential to smile without fear that debris and dirt can be perceived on teeth and brackets.

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Clean your teeth and braces after each meal so that your mouth always looks clean and your teeth, when you smile, are much prettier and shinier. How?

  • Rinse your braces to remove the remains of food that may have remained between them, until you make sure that nothing else comes out
  • Brush your teeth regularly
  • floss
  • Finish with a mouthwash

Avoid certain foods

As you have seen, cleaning is essential to achieve a perfect smile with braces. However, if you want this process to be much simpler, we recommend you pay a little more attention to what you eat to avoid certain products that may not help you maintain strong and healthy teeth. For example, limit your intake of:

  • Hard foods to prevent your teeth from chipping or cracking. Also, these foods can get stuck between the brackets.
  • Very crunchy or rubbery foods, such as popcorn or hard candy, also tend to get caught between the brackets easily and can even break them.

The ideal is to eat soft foods, especially fruits and vegetables, with which you can enjoy a good smile and can clean your teeth much better.

Lastly, avoid candies and sweets. Any sugary product causes the accumulation of acid in the teeth, which can lead to bad breath, decalcification of the teeth and cavities. If you want to show off a healthier smile, say goodbye to these foods.

Exercise the smile

In order to show off a beautiful smile with braces, we recommend you practice to gain confidence. Facial expression sets numerous facial muscles in motion and by mobilizing them you can project an infinity of sensations and feelings. To smile with braces in a natural and beautiful way, we suggest you stand in front of the mirror to find that smile that most identifies you, represents you and with which you feel comfortable, even showing the braces.

Try different exercises to get your facial muscles moving and find the smile that best suits you. Try these exercises:

  • Stretch the corners of your mouth as far as possible and expose all the teeth. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then release it.
  • Keeping your lips closed and glued together, pull the corner of your lip’s outward. Hold the position for 10 seconds.
  • Perform the previous exercise but now separating the lips so that the line that joins the upper line of teeth with the lower one is exposed. Hold the position for 10 seconds, then relax your mouth.

Practicing these exercises in front of the mirror will help you find a smile with which you feel comfortable and identified and, in addition, exercising your facial muscles will help you control your smile more easily.

Natural smile

There is nothing more beautiful than a natural smile and even wearing braces it is possible. Now that you know how to exercise your facial muscles and how to adapt to braces, the time has come to develop a natural smile that makes you feel comfortable and does not look forced. By toning your facial muscles with the above exercises, this point will be much easier. To show off a natural smile with braces, follow these tips:

  • Form a smile first: purse your lips and pull the corners outward as much as possible, while pushing your cheeks inward
  • Hold this pose long enough until you feel your muscles feel tired, then leave the pose.

Practice this exercise only once a day, because doing it more often could lead to muscle strain. You will see that little by little this stretch will allow you to have a radiant and much more natural smile.

Smile with your eyes too

If you want to show a sincere smile and draw attention away from your braces, you must learn to smile with your eyes as well. Natural smiles use the muscles around the eyes to give them an expression of sincere joy and are usually achieved subconsciously: the eyes narrow as the smile expands. If you want to put yourself into practice to achieve a natural, sincere and radiant smile, you can practice it in front of a mirror.

This type of smile with the eyes, also known as a Duchenne smile, can be achieved by imitating other people who do it or even imagining moments that make you very happy. Thanks to the Duchenne smile you will be able to show a natural smile and divert the focus of attention from your braces, which will give you greater security and project a much more beautiful smile.

Improve your self-esteem

As we have pointed out before, one of the weaknesses of people who wear braces is thinking more about them than others do. In order to divert your thoughts, it is time to focus on your self-esteem to increase and improve it. To do this, we recommend that you focus on your strengths and strong points, which will help you gain self-confidence and be able to develop a much stronger self-esteem. If you manage to give yourself value for who you are and not just for how you look, you will be able to adapt more quickly to your braces and feel more comfortable. Only then will you smile more easily.

Daily positive affirmations and trying to push away negative thoughts as much as possible will help you in this process. In addition, he thinks that wearing braces is a temporary circumstance that will allow you to achieve a much more beautiful smile in the future. Boost it!

Follow the recommendations of your orthodontist

While the braces last, we recommend that you follow all the advice and recommendations of your orthodontist. As we have pointed out, the brackets are temporary and the objective is that you finish the treatment in the shortest possible time, achieving the best results. For this reason, if you want to show off a beautiful smile in a short time, you must follow all the guidelines that professionals and specialists give you, such as cleaning the dental appliance or how to avoid the discomfort that braces can cause in a more effective way.

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