Top 10 Angel Costumes

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Bring light to any party with an angelic costume. We looked around for the best sexy angel costumes we could get this Halloween and we found 10 different angelic outfits that would give you that bright shining halo.

Here are our top recommendations:

Top Angel Costumes

1. Heaven’s Kiss Angel

This classic white look reminiscent of models will have everyone look at you more than once. Make the whole town your catwalk when you wear this costume.

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A woman wearing a white angel costume.

2. Ecstasy Angel

This costume is far from simple. With its main color as glittery silver, bows, and halo, this outfit is meant to wow everyone. It oozes an innocent sexiness that would surely attract many people.

A woman wearing a glittery silver angel costume.

3. Heaven Sent Golden Angel

Don’t want to wear white? Here’s a more colorful version of the classic angel costume. Show yourself as an archangel, above overs!

A woman wearing a gold angel costume.

4. Dark Angel’s Lust

Not feeling like a goody-two-shoes this Halloween? This costume is for you. Have people lusting over you through this hot costume!

A woman wearing a black angel costume.

5. Rave Angel

Be blindingly iridescent as you light up the dance floor. Turn yourself into a rave angel, dance the whole night and have fun with everyone!

A woman wearing a colorful angel costume.

6. Fallen Angel

Don’t be afraid to show off your body with this fallen angel costume. Who doesn’t like a flirty and hot angel, especially a fallen angel who’s already hiding their naughtiness!

A woman wearing a gray costume.

7. Angel Beauty

Be as heavenly as you can be as this costume will make you look like angelic that had not sinned, ever!

A woman wearing a simple white angel costume.

8. Dark Angel Diva

Have fun as a dark angel as you spread your playfulness around other mortals this Halloween. A costume like this has what you need for a night full of parties. It’s fun, flattering, and sexy!

A woman wearing a black angel costume.

9. Angel Goddess

Elevate yourself from other angels and become the goddess you are always meant to be! The silver sequin bodysuit is really perfect for making you look like you’re above others.

A woman wearing a shiny white angel costume.

10. On Guard Silver Angel

Fancy yourself as an angel knight? Shine in silver as the on guard silver angel, reminiscent of metal shields, this is great for aspiring angel warriors!

A woman wearing a silver angel costume.

Don’t vibe with our recommendations? Don’t worry, there are more choices here!

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