Top 10 Cowgirl Costumes this Halloween

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Yeehaw, channel your inner country girl this Halloween with the top sexy cowgirl costumes. Let everyone know that you’re a girl who’s not afraid of getting dirty working in the field like a true cowgirl!

Here are our top recommendations for cowgirl outfits that you could easily get this Halloween!

Top Cowgirl Costumes

1. Playing Favorites Cowgirl

Do you remember when toys just seem to come alive? Well, here’s a way to have them be alive. This cowgirl costume harkens back to your favorite toy movie and will surely be an outfit to remember as you add a hint of sexiness!

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2. Space Cowgirl Babe

This costume will have everyone lining up to get your number. It’s flirty and feminine that its pink and metallic colors will have everyone looking twice at you!

3. Wild Western Tempress

You may not be in the saloon but you’ll still have everyone wanting to have a Mexican standoff just to get your number!

This five-piece costume is a classic take on cowgirls that has a more sexy take.

4. Midnight Gunslinger Cowgirl

Have your gun ready as this outfit will give you an edge over others. This all black cowgirl costume is great if you want to work in the shadows.

5. Cowgirl Barbie

Be pretty in pink and be the doll that you always dreamt of being. This cowgirl Barbie is a must-have for the girls who are missing the Barbie summer already!

6. Wild Wild Cowgirl

Who’s afraid of any sheriff when you have a wild cowgirl on your side? The cow print in this costume is a perfect departure from the simpler cowgirl costumes and is a fun choice that could be a great conversation starter!

7. Playboy Buckaroo Cowgirl

You’ll have the attention of the whole town as you dress up as a cowgirl vigilante in red who’s not only ready to fight but also to look hot!

8. Rhinestone Cowgirl

Dare to look different with this blue cowgirl costume. This costume has a trendy blue color and a dress that flatters everyone’s curves.

9. Western Showdown

Is purple more of your thing? Be a purple-wearing cowgirl in this outfit. The purple complements everyone and would surely make you stand out in any party.

10. Showdown Sheriff Diva

Last but definitely not the least, this cowgirl costume will blow the roof off as this classic outfit fits the country cowgirl look too.

You can find more cowgirl costumes here!

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