Top 10 Men’s Halloween Costumes

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Show off the body you’ve worked hard for the better half of this year this Halloween. This time of the year is one of the nights where no one’s gonna judge you for showing too much or too little. Take this chance to find the best men’s Halloween costume that would fit your personality.

We looked around for good men’s outfit this Halloween, and here are our recommendations:

Top Men’s Halloween Costumes

1. Wild West Hunk

Think you could a handle a Mexican standoff? Be a wild west hunk and try your best Clint Eastwood impersonation!

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This costume also has everything, from bandana to vest, for you to be ready for the wild wild west.

A man wearing a cowboy costume.

2. Assassin Hero Men’s Costume

Don’t want to show too much skin? This assassin hero costume would have you showing off your gaming knowledge. Take a leap of faith and dress up as your favorite assassin!

A man wearing an assassin costume.

3. Fiery Fighter

This costume will have you saving ladies’ hearts. Fulfill the fantasy of every woman in the party to have a handsome fire fighter flirting with them.

The bright yellow and red of this firefighter costume is perfect for standing out this Halloween.

A man wearing a firefighter costume.

4. Dragon King

If you think that you have what it takes to ride a dragon, a dragon king costume is perfect for you. Be a part of the royal Targaryen bloodline and conquer parties like they conquered Westeros.

A man wearing a Game of Thrones costume.

5. Creepy Clown

Bring the scares in this Halloween. Just get a red balloon and this costume will be a perfect recreation of a certain scary clown that has plagued many people’s nightmares!

A man wearing a scary clown costume.

6. Such a Nightmare

Speaking of nightmares, why not be the man who could kill you in your dreams? Freddy Krueger is an iconic villain that everyone could instantly recognize.

This costume also includes his iconic claws and sweaters.

A man wearing a Freddy Krueger costume.

7. Bae Watch Costume

Baywatch? Nah, we’re here for bae watch! Watch out the sharks circling your bae. Or maybe, find your next bae while wearing this costume too.

A man wearing a lifeguard costume.

8. Big Bad Wolf

Show your alpha side with a big bad wolf costume. Whether you already have your red riding hood or just looking for one, you can still be the big bad wolf that’s ready to hunt once the moon rises.

A man wearing a wolf costume.

9. King of Egypt

Think you can rule an empire? Why no try with this king of Egypt costume. Rule the Nile (and the hearts of every girl in the party!).

A man wearing a pharaoh costume.

10. Greek God of Wine

Nothing says party spirit like dressing up as the OG party boy, Dionysus. From bacchanalia to Halloween parties, Dionysus will always liven up the spirit and he would totally approve of this costume!

A man wearing a Greek god costume.

These costumes definitely are on top of our recommendations for their quality and Halloween spirit. But if you’re looking for something more, there are other men’s Halloween costume that we think could work for a lot of guys!

Thinking of going with your partner? Here’s a guide for couple’s costumes that you can wear this Halloween!

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