Top 5 Clown Costumes

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Dare to be hot, spooky, or maybe a little bit funny with these costumes. We have found the best sexy clown costumes that you can wear for Halloween could be perfect for either a night of terror or a night of silly fun!

Our team decided to test out different costumes and here are our recommendations of the top clown costumes.

Top Clown Costumes Recommendations:

1. Let’s Play A Game Movie Clown

Pennywise? Nah, be unique and be sexy Pennywise.

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This is a high quality costume that includes everything you need to be a hotter version of Pennywise. Aside from that, this is also comfortable enough that you won’t mind dancing or just walking around town which make this a great choice for the gals who are going to be more active this Halloween.

2. Clown Cutie

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to go classic. Show off your cute self in this colorful clown costume that would have everyone begging to see your magic too.

This costume includes more than just the costume itself, but it also includes the props like pom pom accents and a clown hat that you might need to be the perfect clown.

3. Captivating Circus Clown

Capture people’s hearts in this gorgeous black and white costume. This is such a good costume to make a statement if you have a colorful statement piece. However, even on its own, it’s already great.

4. Black and White Clown

Want to be more gothic? This costume is great as it fits the more alternative aesthetic. This is also a more modest choice in comparison to the other costumes listed here.

If you don’t feel like showing some skin, you should get this clown costume!

5. Wicked Clown

Scare off party-goers as a wicked clown. This clown outfit for Halloween will make you feel like you’re ready to kill it this Halloween!

This costume is easy to wear and also perfect for the chilly weather this fall.

These are just our top picks for clown costumes this Halloween. However, if you want to look for something more jester-y, here’s where you can find more.

Want to have a killer makeup to pair with your killer clown outfit? Here’s our guide on how to put on your makeup correctly.

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