Top 5 Couples’ Costume this Halloween

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This Halloween, show off you and your beautiful partner with these costumes. These costumes would make you fit any party’s theme this Halloween, from funny costumes and costumes that just oozes sexiness.

These costumes range from comedic to all out outfits hat will flatter you and your partner’s body.

Top Couples’ Costume

1. Joe Exotic and his tiger

Who could forget the legendary duo of the tiger king and his tigers! Dress up as Joe Exotic and take care of your own lovely tiger.

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2. Barbie and Ken’s Roller Skating Costume

Be the timeless duo! The bright color makes both of you the most popular couple in Barbieland and the real world. Skate as Barbie and Ken around the beach and you’ll surely grab the eyes of everyone.

3. World Champions

Athletic or not, these costumes would have you waving around the crowd, showing off your new championship belt! This couple costume is perfect for the couples who love an adoring fans waiting for their next moves in the ring.

4. King of Thrones and Dragon Beauty

Rule the kingdom as this powerful duo. Ride dragons together and prepare to become the king and queen of parties.

5. Big Bad Wolf and Little Red

Make your own twist on this beloved fairy tale. This couple’s outfit is perfect for a night out full tricks and treats.

You can see more couples costume here. From darlings to dolls, there’s a costume that’s perfect for each couple.

Want to DIY your own costumes? Here’s our guide on where to find some easy DIYs for Halloween!

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