Top 5 Day of the Dead Costumes

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Day of the Dead, or also Dia de los Muertos, is a traditional celebration in Mexico on November 1 and 2. Unlike Halloween and All Soul’s Day, Day of the Dead is colorful, fun, and loud with many people wearing colorful costumes or popular figures like Catrina.

If you’re celebrating a more colorful November, here are our some of our recommendations for Day of the Dead outfits!

Best Day of the Dead Costumes

1. Rosas Costume

Cover yourself with roses with this skeletal and lace details that bring you a very classy version of a normal skeleton costume, turning it into something unique for this traditional celebration.

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This Day of the Dead costume is sure to gather looks as it brings out the colors in the lacing in contrast to the black catsuit.

2. Floral Skeleton Costume

A realistic skeleton catsuit may be simple, but this costume brings a new twist to it as flowers seem to grow out of your bones. This costume will turn you into a work of art.

Additionally, it’s also pretty great that this Day of the Dead outfit is easy to wear, you won’t need to add different decorations, this is already great on its own. With this, you can also focus more on making your makeup, creating the skeletal look!

3. Glamour Muerta Costume

One of the more popular figures during Day of the Dead is La Muerte. What’s the best way to celebrate Day of the Dead than to be a glamorous figures.

This is a complete costume, saving you time and allowing you to create a scary yet still lovely makeup look.

4. La Novia Costume

The best thing about this La Novia costume is that it’s not just a one-off costume but it could turn into a normal dress you could wear when you go out!

This floral costume is pretty and detailed making it a good choice for the girly girl.

5. Day of the Dead Halloween

This black dress with skeleton and floral headpiece is a comfortable choice for Halloween. With lesser pieces, you could easily wear this and still look good. But more than that, it’s perfect for dancing at parties or just walking around trick or treating!

These costumes are the perfect look to bringing your culture into the Halloween spirit! If you want to see other great Day of the Dead costumes, you can visit here.

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