Top 5 Gangster Costumes

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Fun, edgy, and powerful, these gangster costumes never go out of style! Aside from being notorious for their tough personalities, gangsters are also known for their outfits that bring out their classiness despite their ruthlessness.

A costume inspired by gangsters will set you apart from the crowd. Whether you’re going solo or with your friends, there are many gangster costumes to choose from, ranging from the subtle to the bold.

Here are our recommendations for the best gangster costumes for Halloween:

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Best Gangster Costumes

1. Gangster Babe Costume

For those who want to add a touch of sexy to their gangster look, the Gangster Babe costume is an excellent option. It features a black-and-white pinstripe mini dress with red suspenders. Perfect for the tough yet seductive female gangsters!

2. Mafia Diva Costume

If you want a more sophisticated and sexy look, the Mafia Diva costume is perfect for you. You can add a pair of black heels, gloves, and a toy gun to complete your look. This costume is an ideal choice for those who want to channel the elegance and power of a mafia boss.

3. Pink Gangster Costume

For those who prefer a brighter and more feminine look, the Pink Gangster Costumer is a perfect option. This costume features a pink dress with fedora hat. You can pair it with black heels and a toy gun and accessories to add a touch of sass to your look.

This is perfect for those who want to showcase their fun side.

4. Gangster Mole Costume

Be a rebel with this subtle costume that would have anyone want to keep your secret just a secret forever. This costume has a pinstripe, zip-front dress that would allow other gangster to second-guess telling everyone that you’re the mole.

5. Sexy Gangster Set Costume

Be the boss with this playful but elegant outfit. The costume features a black-and-white pinstripe dress. You can complete the look with fishnet stockings and black heels. This costume is perfect for the femme fatale look.

Going for a gangster costume is a perfect way to add some edge and power to your Halloween look. Whether you’re looking for a sexy, sophisticated, playful or daring look, there are many gangster costume options to choose from.

By embodying the toughness and style of this iconic figure, you’ll turn heads and set yourself apart from the crowd. So why not channel your inner gangster this Halloween?

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