Top 5 Sexy Animal Costumes this Halloween!

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There’s nothing more that captures the spirit of Halloween season than sexy animal costumes!

A sexy furry costume is a classic crowd pleaser, many people may call it overdone but we beg to disagree. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a classic, it’s a classic for a reason! Of course, many would wear sexy animal costumes because aside from being a practical choice for costume, a sexy costume could give you a new sense of confidence!

Nowadays, there are more sexy furry costumes to choose from, not just the classic cat or mouse, but we now have cows, wolves, and more!

Here are some of the best furry costumes you can wear this Halloween:

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1. Holographic Bunny Costume

Let’s start with a classic but with a twist. Gone are the days of just pink and black bunny costumes, this holographic bunny costume will light up the dance floor and make you shine!

A holographic playboy bunny costume

2. Sexy Fox Costume

Want to be that foxy lady of people’s fantasy? Then this costume is for you!

A woman wearing a fox costume with leg warmers.

This trendy sexy fox costume is perfect for Halloween with its black and orange colors that will also make you pop out from the crowd!

3. Sexy Wolf Costume

Growl and roar this Halloween with this sexy wolf costume. Whether you want to be the big bad wolf or a more tame one, this wolf costume would definitely attract some prey by the strike of midnight!

A woman dressed up in tank top and wolf costume.

4. Pastel Pony Costume

Don’t want to wear something dark this Halloween? Why not dress up in a pastel pony costume?

A woman dressed up in a light-toned pony costume with wings.

This costume is a perfect fit for those who love the pastel aesthetic and want to rise above others!

5. Bessie Cow Costume

Say moo for the picture! Dress up in this cute cow costume and make everyone ask, “got milk?”

A woman dressed up in a cow costume.

Sexy furry costumes can allow you to be less nervous during a Halloween party—because of course, a sexy cow or a pony doesn’t need to act so serious the whole night right?

These costumes can help you loosen up and just have the perfect Halloween night!

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