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The skin still can not be as beautiful as you want even though you have invested a lot of inexpensive skincare products? Sometimes, the cause is not due to cosmetics or skincare procedures but the foods you put into your body every day. BeautyStyleHub helps you synthesize six foods that “destroy” your skin that you should stay away from.

6 loại thực phẩm khiến làn da xấu đi

Six foods that make your skin worse

  1. SODA
    Delicious, refreshing, and full of flavor – Soda is one of the most popular drinks in the world. However, did you know that most sodas contain significant amounts of caffeine and refined sugar, both of which are skin’s #1 “enemies”?
Ảnh lưu trữ miễn phí về đồ uống, lon, Nước ngọt

Caffeine has the potential to be addictive, and at the same time, it dehydrates the skin more and has a direct effect on the skin. When the skin lacks moisture, it is prone to irritation, redness, and even premature aging. If not rehydrated in time, toxins will increase, causing acne on the skin.

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Eliminate soda from your diet by replacing it with a glass of fruit juice, a smoothie that is beneficial for your skin and your health. This is an “investment” for the youthfulness of the skin.
Soda or carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar – the number 1 “enemy” of the skin. Photo: Pexels.

A perfect summer cannot be complete without the refreshing taste of delicious juices and many health benefits.

Thực phẩm chế biến sẵn thường gây hại cho da

As the pace of life is more and more modern, people tend to use processed foods more and more because of their convenience. However, highly processed foods such as prepackaged meals are high in additives and contain a lot of salt, which will turn into harmful toxins that are harmful to health when loaded into the body. The liver then works to help process these toxins. If you consume too much, overloading your liver, your body starts to secrete toxins through your skin to get rid of them as quickly as possible. This is a probable cause of acne.

Thực phẩm khiến làn da nổi mụn

Alcohol is an indispensable drink in all fun. However, if you consume in excess, these alcoholic drinks are harmful to health and adversely affect the skin in the long run. They can mess with hormone levels, cause imbalances that lead to acne, reduce sleep quality, and unhealthy eating habits. This indirectly accelerates aging. In addition, alcoholic beverages can cause the skin to dehydrate or become dull, dry, and flaky.

Thực phẩm gây hại cho làn da bạn nên tránh xa

The health of the skin depends greatly on the food you eat every day. Fast foods such as french fries, fried chicken, hamburgers… are food groups that you should limit eating. Because the daily diet contains too many carbs, it will cause blood sugar to spike. If it includes a lot of oil, it will stimulate the oil glands to work more. When combined with clogged pores for a long time will lead to acne.

    Like coffee, soda, or carbonated drinks, energy drinks contain a lot of sugar and additives. Therefore, it can cause your liver to become overloaded if consumed in excess. Energy drinks also contain caffeine; when too much of this substance is consumed in the body, it will cause dry, itchy skin, even rashes, redness accompanied by symptoms of shortness of breath, nausea.
Ảnh lưu trữ miễn phí về băng, chén, choáng váng

Instead, skip these toxic drinks and sip some Kombucha tea – a “beautiful inside and out” drink whose taste is not inferior to any carbonated beverage.

Kombucha is a drink with both health benefits and a variety of flavors that are not inferior to current carbonated soft drinks…


Chocolate is a food that contains a lot of milk and carbohydrates. These are the two main ingredients that increase the risk of acne. On the other hand, to not harm the skin but still enjoy these delicious chocolates comfortably, you should use 75% or more dark chocolate. The cocoa content in pure chocolate is very high. Beneficial for the skin.

Sô cô la - thực phẩm khiến da nổi mụn

Cocoa contains many antioxidant components, which help increase blood circulation under the skin, dilate the capillaries, and bring more oxygen to skin cells, limiting the skin’s dehydration process under the influence of solar radiation.

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