Pure Skin Lotion, on-the-shoulder-of-a-young-woman-lotion-painted-heart-balm

Top 6 Pure Skin Body Lotion In The Market

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Pure Skin Lotion, on-the-shoulder-of-a-young-woman-lotion-painted-heart-balm
Pure Skin Lotion

Let me remind you of one significant fact you’ve been ignoring lately: “Your skin is the largest organ of your body!!”
People make a lot of efforts to take care of their overall health, but they don’t do much to preserve their skin health! Isn’t it downright unfair?!

I mean, yes, people do invest in skincare products, but do they care about the ingredients these products have?! Not really! Just the way an organic diet makes your body healthy, a “pure” body lotion will make your skin healthy from the inside out!

As winter is here, the need for body lotions is more significant than ever. So it’s about time you make a shift from typical skin lotions to PURE ones! For the better!

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In general, a pure body lotion is free from harmful ingredients and skin irritants; It’s made with organically sourced ingredients to make your skin HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL, AND GLOWING! Here are the top 6 Pure Skin Lotions that you should buy:

1. Puracy Organic Hand and Body Lotion

$11 – $14 at Puracy

Are you looking for a super hydrating body lotion? Look no more! Puracy’s organic hand and body lotion contain plant-based ingredients, which will make your skin perfectly healthy and balanced! Not to mention, these powerful plant-based hydrants will be extremely gentle on your skin. The best part? It won’t make your skin greasy at all! All in all, it’s a perfect skin lotion with safe ingredients and outstanding results.

2. Everyone Lotion Organic Coconut & Lemon Lotion

$18.50- $20 at Amazon, 2 count

In general, lemon is excellent for skin lightening, which is why it’s used in several DIY skin masks. And research backs the benefits of coconut oil for skin healing! Combining the help of these both, everyone created a fantastic lotion! Not only lemon and coconut, but this versatile lotion has a myriad of skin-loving ingredients, including Aloe vera, chamomile, sesame seeds oil, and many more! This pure body lotion will do wonders for your skin.

3. The Honest Company Purely Sensitive Face + Body Lotion

$9.95 at Honest

Do you have sensitive skin? No worries! The Honest Company Purely Sensitive Face + Body lotion is super gentle on the skin. In fact, its heavenly blend of safflower oils, jojoba oil, and Shea makes it a deeply nourishing and soothing lotion. What’s more, this hydrating lotion features a wide variety of luscious scents to choose from!

4. Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Banana + Coconut Nourishing Superfood Body Cream

$26 at Sephora and Nordstrom

This pure body lotion is unlike the typical ones. As a matter of fact, this cream-based lotion is packed with a host of fruity antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins to give your skin a nourishing boost! Its unique composition features coconut, açai, and banana peel extracts, great for the skin! It’ll leave your body super moisturized, nourished, and soothed!

5. Josie Maran Whipped Argan Body Butter

$36 at Sephora

This Whipped body butter is infused with the wholesomeness of Argan Oil. It works deeply in the skin to revitalize it, making it soft, smooth, and firm! Thanks to its constituent fatty acids and antioxidants.

6. Burt’s Bees Sensitive Aloe & Shea Body Lotion

$9 at Amazon

If you want to experience the moisturizing power of Aloe and Shea Butter, buy this pure body lotion! It’s specifically made for sensitive skin with non-irritating ingredients, which will leave your skin deeply soothed!

Final Word

To sum it up, our top 6 Pure Skin Lotions are the ultimate solution for healthy, smooth skin!

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