Translucent powders – What they are

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Translucent powders are one of the essential products that cannot be missing in our makeup set. In addition to being very practical and easy to use, translucent powders offer a perfect finish to show off impeccable makeup.

If you want to learn what translucent powders are for and how you can get the most out of them, do not miss all the information about these “miracle powders” that will become a must in your makeup ritual and a product that you should always carry in your bag.

1 What are translucent powders?

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1 What are translucent powders

Translucent powders are a highly valued product when it comes to giving the final touch to makeup as they help to mattify, eliminate shine and ultimately that makeup extends its duration remaining impeccable for several hours.

Translucent powders are invisible, that is, once they are applied, a transparent and colorless effect is created that nevertheless makes the skin improve its appearance in a remarkable way.

2 Uses of translucent powders

Translucent powders – What they are – Uses of translucent powders

Translucent powders have different uses:

  • Reduces the level of skin fat: Translucent powders are mainly indicated to control oily skin or shine so common especially in the T zone and in the forehead mainly.
  • They help seal makeup: Another of the main uses of translucent powders is to seal makeup, that is, it serves as a fixative to favor that it lasts much longer. In this way we will make the makeup much more resistant and remain unchanged for more hours.
  • They help to hide imperfections: Translucent powders also help to unify the skin tone as well as hide imperfections, although this is not their main task.
  • Serve as a base for shadows: Translucent powders are ideal for laying a foundation that helps to more effectively fix the eye shadow increasing its durability. Similarly, translucent powders are ideal to avoid stains that may remain on the eyelids.
  • Lower the intensity of makeup: If for a lack of reason you think that the tone of the makeup has been too intense or that when applying the blush it stands out too much, the translucent powders will help you solve this problem by helping to hide it by lowering the intensity of the shade.

3 How to apply translucent powders?

3 How to apply translucent powders

The way to apply translucent powders is very simple. You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Apply it on the foundation or on the day cream. For this we will use a fat brush.
  • Impregnate the tip of the brush slightly on the powders and apply them throughout the face evenly, focusing on the area where the shines appear most frequently: zone T (forehead, nose and chin).
  • Do not forget to also apply on the roots of the hair that are on the forehead and sides of the face, neck and décolleté if necessary.


For the application and purpose of translucent powders to make us look a luminous skinwith an enviable finish it is important to follow a series of recommendations:

  • First of all we must do a previous cleaning of the skin, with the aim of removing dirt and dragging the dead cells. In this way we will achieve a much healthier and more uniform skin.
  • It is important that the size of the brush is large, as this ensures that the product reaches all corners.
  • In the case of very oily skin, it is possible that after a while we must retouch the result. For this we must use a mattifying wipe that will help absorb excess fat. Then we will apply a new layer of translucent powders to fix the makeup again.

Translucent powders do not serve to give color so it is always used is accompanied by a base, without embargro in the case that we want to look natural can be used on the previously clean skin to absorb fat along with a touch of gloss and blush.

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