What are microfiber towels or anti frizz towels and how are they used on the hair?

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Hair is constantly filled with dirt, as well as numerous external substances that damage it on a daily basis. Reason why it is deteriorated more and more, producing frizz and dryness in the strands. For our salvation and that of our hair, there are microfiber wipes that will help us enormously in this problem.

What are microfiber towels or anti frizz towels?

microfiber wipes or anti-frizz towels are made with super fine fibers that make them work differently from conventional wipes.

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One of the most striking characteristics of these towels for drying hair is that they are ideal for cleaning, they resemble the texture of silk to the touch. They are incredibly soft, since microfiber is 3 times thinner than silk and 4 times thinner than cotton.

For all those girls who want to experience the curly hair method, it is recommended to use this type of wipes. Since when drying the hair, it promotes its shape by curling the hair even more.

So, these are some wipes that you can safely carry in your bag. And you can use one anytime you need it. With its help, your hair will remain intact and in good shape throughout the day. Without generating the annoying frizz and looking perfect at all times.

In addition to being ideal for combating frizz, the turban hair towels are special to leave the hair softer and silkier. Especially because it removes all the dirt that may accumulate throughout the day, and leaves it as clean as if it had just been washed. Definitely an excellent alternative like dry shampoos.

What are the benefits of using a microfiber hair towel?

For all girls, regardless of how their hair is, anti-frizz wipes will be an excellent option for drying and maintenance. You can buy both drying towels and pocket wipes to keep your hair clean throughout the day.

In this way, your hair will benefit when you leave the shower freshly washed, and throughout the day on the street or at work. Your hair will be hydrated and clean at all times! We see benefits such as:

  • Avoid frizz in the hair. Since microfibers are antistatic, they prevent frizz and leave hair in place all the time.
  • They are super soft. So, your hair will not be damaged at any time despite being used to clean it properly.
  • The wipes are very durable. They do not lose their shape, do not deteriorate, do not acquire lint and withstand various uses.
  • They are absorbent. You can use them to dry any moisture in the hair, as well as to avoid accumulated fat at the roots.
  • They are hygienic. They won’t get dirty easily, and you can throw them away or rinse them with plenty of water.

What is the best microfiber towel or anti frizz towel for hair?

Thanks to social media, these microfiber hair wipes or turban have become hugely popular. Which is why they have spread in the market and you can find them in many places. If you want to enjoy its benefits, buy the best on the market.

  • OUAI haircare anti-frizz wipes

Since wipes began to become popular, this has been one of the most used brands by everyone. OUAI is a French brand that brings us this anti frizz towel to make our lives easier. The presentation is very aesthetic, and each package has 15 wipes that can be used at any time.

Another advantage is that they are eco-friendly so you will have no problems disposing of them in the recycling bin. You can find them in stores like Sephora for as much as 26 euros.

  • Kérastase Paris carré lissant

Another brand that has known how to stand out with microfiber wipes is kérastase. The presentation is very comfortable, and they can be used at any time. They have organic substances like beeswax and lavender and olive oil. You can use them to touch up your hair, and they will leave it shiny, silky and completely frizz-free.

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