What are the best products for curly hair? Serum treatment for curly hair

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Hair creams are products that provide the required hair care, whether for curly, straight and wavy hair. Serums belong to a genus of products with such effects, and their properties can cause surprising changes in the hair. If the frizz of your hair becomes more and more noticeable or dryness characterizes it, and the use of a serum is something that you are already considering, continue reading this article so you know what benefits it brings.

What is a serum and what is it for?

You may have already been recommended to use a hair serum, or a facial serum, and this type of concentrates is now a product that is positioned at the top of the lists of skin and hair treatments.

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But it is also possible that you have not even read this word, much less know what it is for, so today we will explain what the matter is about and we will give you some recommendations for use that will surely work for the purposes that many people want.: hair care.

Serum is a concentrate that contains active properties with an immediate effect; It is a fairly effective and efficient product for hair hydration and helps to achieve a highly aesthetic appearance. It is a cosmetic that is used for hairstyles, due to its effective speed in giving shine and removing the fluff that our hair sometimes suffers. This liquid lotion has qualities that just by applying it to the hair, it is enough to wait a few seconds to see the change caused. This is one of the reasons why serums, both hair and facial, are one of the best products for curly, wavy hair and any type of hair.

Serum treatment for curly hair

It can be said that serums are a part of hair care, and all care itself. In addition, it is also a content of special active ingredients to give it a final touch when executing a hairstyle. It means then that the hair serum accompanies a concomitant treatment, where creams and hair conditioners are also used.

Depending on what you want to achieve, you can apply the serum for wet or totally dry hair. It has that versatility of generating positive changes in one way or another.

The latter may make you think about the vast amount that you would spend on this hair concentrate, to only apply it once. However, the serum has ingredients that give it a quality character and, as is well known, quality beats quantity. That is why just applying a small amount of this preparation to your hair, and rubbing it to the ends, will be more than enough.

Notably, this works for dry hair; For its part, with the intention of hydrating the hair a little more, it is advisable to apply the serum with wet hair and you can also give it the hairstyle you want.

How to make homemade hair serum?

These concentrates have formulas based on vitamins and fatty acids for hair nutrition, for this reason, preparing compounds for the same purpose, and using similar substances, becomes a possibility from our homes.

This option, the homemade serum, as well as all the natural remedies that we can get, is healthier and more economically convenient for our pocket.

So, in this way, you can make a home remedy that meets the objective of hydrating and giving your hair the shine, you want; with some ingredients that you probably have at home, in your kitchen, and if you don’t have them, you can surely get it if you go to the health food stores closest to your home.

One of several existing remedies can be the following: in a small jar, introduce 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, jojoba oil and 30 gram of avocado.

Then, shake the bottle to mix the three components, until a uniform mixture results; and finally, apply every night when sleeping for two and a half weeks. You’ll see amazing changes in a matter of days, and you’re sure to like them.

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