What are they and how to do balayage, blonde or gray highlights at home? For short, long, straight and curly hair

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Dyeing your hair plunges you into a world as vast as manicure or makeup. Whether it is for a special occasion such as a meeting with friends, a wedding or even your day to day, hair can add a plus to your look that captures everyone’s attention.

As you should know, there are a lot of different highlight colors that you can use. It is up to your which option you are going to take. There are suggestions in this regard, for example, if you ask a stylist what skin type does gray hair look like? He will surely answer you that light skin is the most appropriate for these highlights.

Platinum highlights for brunettes exist, either from the root or a few inches beyond it. Plus, balayage or blonde highlights make for great finishes.

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What are balayage highlights and what other types of highlights exist?

The balayage highlights, from the French ‘swept’ or ‘brushed’, achieve a dark gradient from the roots, to a lighter tone at the ends. They add volume, luminosity and movement to the hair.

In case the hair has a very dark natural color, the gradient can be achieved with only two or three shades maximum.

But wait, there are other types of highlights:

  1. Babylight highlights: Ideal for long and medium hair, preferably straight. Try to generate the reflection of the sun in a natural way.
  2. Ecaille highlights: If you are looking for hair with gray highlights, ash highlights or blonde highlights, this is the best option.
  3. Mechas colormelt: In Spanish, ‘melted color’ achieves a unique transition especially between two colors.
  4. Bronde highlights: An interesting mix of blonde highlights with honey or golden highlights.
  5. Californian highlights: This boom from a few years ago could not be left off the list. Outcome? A gradient like with the sun.
  6. Ombre highlights: Starting from a dark root, it degrades perfectly to the ends.
  7. Shaded highlights: Similar to ombré highlights but with a more subtle transition that gives the hair a natural touch.

Differences in highlighting according to your hair type

With light brown straight hair, babylights are a great option. For its part, balayage highlights are ideal for straight hair and not too curly, in turn, it must be in your preference, certainly long.

If you also want to highlight your face, cream soda highlights combine balayage and ombré highlights, giving volume to your hair and luminosity to your face.

If you are looking to disappear your gray hair, the ideal option is gray highlights on short hair, (also valid for long hair) in turn, ash highlights are another appropriate alternative.

If your interest is gray highlights in women, the perfect companion is the right makeup. The highlights on short hair can also be in fancy colors, particularly on the bangs or ends.

Finally, for redheads, a great option is tiger’s eye highlights that combine various shades. It is usually applied to the middle and ends of your hair.

How to easily make highlights at home

If you’ve never highlighted your hair before, the ideal is to buy a highlighting kit. To do this, the steps are easy:

Wash your hair and dry only with a towel, then comb the hair and make the part as you always have it. Divide your hair into layers, usually at least two.

Then, make the mixture and apply it for the time indicated in the instructions. Finally, wash your hair and rinse it well.

On the other hand, if you already have a little experience or want to venture into this world, you can make highlights in your hair with the indicated cap, aluminum or with a brush.

The first steps are as with the kit. Now, if you use a hat, if you want a discreet finish, go by pulling fine strands through the hat. Instead, go for thick locks for more noticeable results.

For its part, when using aluminum or a brush, the process is similar and simple. Do not forget to be careful with the root, the application on it is not recommended.

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