What are they and how to make organic eyebrows? How long do organic eyebrows take to grow?

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Organic eyebrows are a trend that has been around for a long time, however it hadn’t caught on until now. Although it is not very well known, organic brows are an incredible option for girls to have much more natural and long-lasting results. Find out what this technique is about here with us!

What is the organic eyebrow technique?

The trend of organic eyebrows emerged in the past 2019, and thanks to the contingency it has re-emerged as an idyllic help for all those girls who cannot attend beauty centers to constantly wax them. Learn about different techniques for your eyebrows!

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Organic eyebrows look for us to have a much more natural and disheveled style, without worrying too much about perfection or definition. However, the care that must be given to the eyebrows is not lost so that they remain beautiful at the same time as tousled and natural.

So, the organic eyebrow technique consists of letting the eyebrows grow freely so that they return to their original size, look thicker, disheveled and healthy. As long as we keep them healthy and protected, this technique promises to be the salvation of many.

Instead of removing the hairs that are coming out, it is intended that they fit specifically in place so that as the eyebrow grows it takes an appropriate shape and does not look too disheveled. 

How to make organic eyebrows step by step

If you have decided to make organic eyebrows at home, the first thing you should know is that for it to work properly, it will depend on the amount and thickness of your natural eyebrows. Therefore, experts in this technique explain that it is best to let them grow freely without waxing them at any time.

So, if you are lucky enough that your eyebrows are very bushy and thick, you will only need the help of a gel to fix the eyebrows and comb them correctly upwards so that they take the correct shape.

On the contrary, if your eyebrows are a little thinner and with less hair, you will need to fill in all the gaps with a pencil of natural color and give them much more volume with a volumizing gel, since what you are looking for is to achieve highly textured eyebrows and natural.

In extreme cases where your eyebrows are very small and with very little hair, it is recommended that you ruffle them completely and trace the shape of the eyebrows with a shade of natural color. You cannot forget to fill in the eyebrow, and to give it much more volume with a gel or a pencil, and of course, always comb upwards. Finish with a natural makeup!

How long do organic brows last and how long does it take for eyebrows to grow?

The organic eyebrows are the definitive style, it’s nothing like the microblading that brightens with time, or other techniques that seek perfection eyebrows.

In this case, the eyebrows acquire their natural shape simply by letting them grow freely. You don’t need semi-permanent pigmentation, no chemicals or anything like that. Since all you have to do is wait for your eyebrow to grow and grow until it reaches a point where you can shape it properly.

How long it will take for your eyebrows to grow will depend on you. Since if your eyebrows are normally full and thick, in one or two months you will have very thick eyebrows and ready to shape to your liking. In the opposite case that your eyebrows are less crowded and the hairs are finer, you will need much more time to make them grow.

And in much more extreme cases, if your eyebrows do not grow at all and you urgently need to increase their size, you can apply toners that will improve the texture of the hairs, strengthen them and stimulate the pores to promote the growth of eyebrow hair. You can get them in cosmetic stores or pharmacies.

Once your eyebrows are very well populated, you will not need to do more than comb them and always keep them in place. You do not need to go to any beauty center, much less.

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