What does 5 free, 7 free, 8 free and 10 free enamel mean? Get to know the best brands of toxic-free or non-toxic nail polish

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If you still don’t know what a free nail polish is, it’s time to start taking better care of your nails. Non-toxic polishes are those that reduce the adverse effects of continued use of nail paint. Here you will learn why an enamel is “free” and what the number that accompanies it means, as well as knowing its benefits. We will also mention the most relevant brands when considering buying an enamel. What does 5 free, 7 free, 8 free and 10 free enamel mean?

toxic-free nail polish is considered free depending on the amount of chemicals that are dispensed with in its manufacture. That is why we find brands that produce 5 free or 7 free colors. As the number increases, more chemicals are replaced by others that do not produce these harmful effects on health. Recover the health of your nails!

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These nail polishes are 8 free, 10 free and so on, because there are brands that manufacture polishes up to 18 free. More and more manufacturers are taking action on the issue of the use of harmful chemicals.

The consequences of the use of toxic enamel are severe over time, with certain chemicals being prohibited. It is even unknown for sure whether some products that are used today are harmful or not.

What are the benefits of using toxic-free nail polish?

Let’s start by talking about the long-term effects that non-toxic enamels can have. These chemicals are abrasive to the nails, drying them and causing them to peel; they have proven adverse effects. Take care of your nails!

Even the toxicity of these products is transmitted to the body through the vascularization of the nails; they are absorbed by the hands, beginning to dry them out and can produce cancer cells.

If you don’t know what toluene- free enamels mean, it’s because you haven’t read about the effects of this powerful chemical. This compound is part of the so-called toxic trio together with formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate or DBP.

Toluene can irritate the nails as well as producing toxic gases that damage the central nervous system and even the brain. And together with his companions of the trio, they are something that we will not want to put in our hands.

All of these compounds were banned and more chemicals that are not harmful to health continue to be investigated today. However, those that have not been studied are still used. Choose the ideal nail polish for you!

There are brands that have done their own research and stopped using chemicals that are not legally prohibited by the regulatory body.

In the same way, the elimination of these chemicals does not reduce the quality of the nail paint in the least, so it is pure benefit. And it is that these measures come hand in hand with an eco-friendlier vision that seeks to reduce toxic emissions.

What are the best brands of toxic-free nail polish?

When it comes to brands of “free” or toxic free enamels we can find a variety of companies that are dedicated to developing the best. That is why we will find several offers on the market in this type of enamel.

At least Mercadona free enamels are of high quality and we can find 7 free enamels both semi-permanent and daily. Likewise, this company produces non-toxic nail polish for girls.

Another brand of non-toxic nail polish is MIA Cosmetics, which offers 5 free semi-permanent nail polishes so you don’t miss out on the design. Likewise, CND has a 5 free line that does not have the toxic trio.

Similarly, Trust Fund Beauty has 10 free enamels that do not have the toxic trio as well as camphor, sodium tripolyphosphate, formaldehyde resin, parabens, gluten and ingredients of animal origin.

They have vegan nail polish models because they have the philosophy that cosmetics should be as natural as possible. In this way, the long-term benefits are appreciated in the health of your hands.

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