What is Benetint or lip ink and how is it used? What are the advantages of using lip ink?

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Tired of wearing lipsticks that look unnatural? Those that normally stain everything they touch. Well, here we will show you a lip and cheek ink that will give you a natural and beautiful look.

What is benetint or lip ink and how does it work?

Benetint is very similar to Korean lip ink in that instead of superficially pigmenting, it infuses the lips. This means that the color ends up being much more natural and long-lasting, in other words it is a soft tint.

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In the first instance, the benetint was designed to paint the nipples of strippers, and no, it is not a game. At first that was the purpose, but it stood out as a natural blush and a lipstick that ends up giving beautiful colors.

There are many palette-shaped lip tints that look a lot like benetint, but you don’t get the same results. Since this highlights the natural color, on the cheeks it gives the same results as jogging outdoors but without sweating, it only gives us that natural reddish color.

The benetint comes in a container very similar to nail paints, with a delicate brush to apply it. Liquid, which facilitates its absorption into the skin and prevents greasy results as with other makeup.

It can be applied both on the lips and on the cheeks to give a very beautiful blush and natural appearance. In the case of the lips, it gives a reddish appearance, as if they had been bitten giving them a healthier appearance.

How is lip ink applied and how long does it last?

Being a tint, its application is much simpler than conventional lipsticks, and here we will show you how to apply this lip ink:

How to use Benetint on the cheeks? The best thing is that it can be used without makeup or on top of it, because it provides a very light pink coloration. Just apply it on the cheeks and blend it with your fingers until you achieve the desired pigmentation, if you want it more reddish apply a couple of times.

You must blend it quickly before it dries, in this way we will obtain a fairly natural and uniform makeup. If we apply it on top of makeup we will obtain a wonderful result, incredibly complementing our makeup.

How is Benetint lip ink used? It usually gives a natural reddish color, something that can look incredibly cute and attracts a lot of attention. Although this pigment tends to dry out the lips, which causes the dye to be stored in some areas more than others.

If what we want is something more uniform, the correct way to apply it is with a little lip balm after use. This will give the pigment shine and durability, as well as hydrate the lips so that an even color is maintained.

The best of all is its duration, being a pigment, it does not stain or fade, although it gradually disappears. On the lips it tends to last between one to two hours, with lip balm it could last up to 3 hours.

In the case of the cheeks, the duration is somewhat surprising, exceedingly even 12 hours of pigmentation in almost all skin tones.

What are the advantages of using the Benetint or lip ink?

There are a lot of benefits to using this lip ink, let’s see what are the main advantages of using it. Also, learn how to get the best out of it.

  • The pigment is non-transferable, this means that once dry, it does not stain or fade.
  • It is completely natural; therefore, it does not dry out the lips, despite this it dries out the lips a bit. Although this is because it has the same properties as wine, therefore it dries out the mouth in the same way.
  • The red lip ink can be applied without makeup to give a more natural and healthy feeling.
  • It can also be applied on top of any makeup, highlighting it and giving it an exquisite finish.
  • It has incredible durability.
  • When sweating, fat is not produced as with other cream or powder makeup.
  • It is applied easily and quickly.

Best of all, we would get two products in one, lipstick and blush.

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