What is Bio oil and what is it for? How to apply Bio oil gel or oil on stretch marks, spots and scars

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Bio oil is a moisturizing gel rich in vitamin and plant extracts, it is extremely beneficial for the body and that is why it is important to ask ourselves how to apply Bio oil? This oil has become very famous thanks to its properties that fight aging, and any dehydration of the skin. Therefore, it is highly recommended to lighten burns, or other types of scars such as stretch marks or skin blemishes.

What is Bio oil gel or oil for?

Bio oil can be used daily as an oil to diminish any type of blemish on the body. It can be used both on the face and on the rest of the skin.

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However, its most popular applications have been for the purpose of Bio oil to reduce white stretch marks, scars or blemishes. In addition to preventing skin aging.

Moreover, it greatly moisturizes the skin. So, it will also become a protective substance that you can use daily and prevent any skin problem.

How to apply Bio oil on stretch marks, spots and scars

Using Bio oil is very simple, since it only consists of applying a generous layer of the oil on the affected skin. It is recommended to make circular movements when applying it 2 times a day.

The application time will depend on the seriousness of the matter. It can vary between two to three months of application to see the results of the Bio oil. It is recommended to suspend its use for at least 1 month. To avoid allergic skin reactions.

Treatment for scars

The scars are produced by the regeneration of the skin on a recent wound, thanks to the excess of collagen produced in the area. Using Bio oil will leave an obvious before and after. Apply a layer of oil on the scar and massage for 10 minutes. Do this procedure in the morning and at night for 3 months.

Excellent help for stretch marks

Stretch marks are highly visible marks on the skin, caused by excessive stretching of the skin. They can appear for different reasons, generally in any case where the skin is stretched a lot suddenly. Bio oil is perfect for stretch marks; it clarifies them until they are completely eliminated. Applying a daily layer after bathing and massaging for 10 minutes. Do it for 2 months.

If it is about stains, Bio oil is the one

The spots can appear from prolonged exposure to the sun, or from hormonal fluctuations. For this reason, Bio oil is the perfect ally to prevent and eliminate stains from the body. Keeps the skin hydrated by applying two layers a day and massaging until the product is absorbed.

What ingredients does Bio oil have? Benefits for my body

As you already know, Bio oil is an oil that is extremely beneficial, you may wonder, what is it made of? What are these miraculous components? We bring you the answer.

  • Purcellin oil: This is the base of the product, and its magic ingredient. It gives it a light texture, and allows all assets to remain at their full potential.
  • Vitamins A and E:Vitamin A favors the formation of collagen, and increases the elasticity of the skin. On the other hand, vitamin E is the most widely used antioxidant in skin care.
  • Calendula oil: This is a very powerful cell regenerator. Special for the protection of the most sensitive skins, or those damaged by the sun. In addition, it is used to reduce inflammation, rashes or superficial skin irritations.
  • Lavender oil: It has conditioning properties, has a natural calming and balsamic effect.
  • Rosemary oil: An oil that has antiseptic properties, and is special to strengthen the skin and tone it. On the other hand, it has strong natural calming properties.
  • Chamomile oil: It has a calming, anti-inflammatory effect and is very beneficial for sensitive skin.

Because it has many natural ingredients, Bio oil is recommended to treat many wounds and skin blemishes. Despite the fact that on certain occasions it can have certain side effects on hypersensitive skin. With moderate and controlled use, its benefits and results will be very visible.

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