What is body positivity

What is body positivity

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Society tends to catalog bodies and generate beauty canons that, in most cases, we are forced to follow. Being fat or extremely thin, putting on makeup or leaving your skin clean and natural, getting into the famous ideal size 90-60-90. Patterns, patterns and more patterns to follow that sometimes make us divert the focus of what really matters: seeing you and feeling good about yourself, with your body, with your skin, with your way of being.

What is body positivity

The body positive movement was born precisely as a response to the negative consequences that are generated by not being able to reach the beauty standard that has been imposed on us. In the following article we want to explain to you what body  positivity is, a movement that is more than necessary to change minds, ward off fatphobia and promote a more inclusive world in which anybody has the same rights and is equally beautiful and unique.

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What is body positive and its origin

Although it may seem simple to some, loving and accepting oneself is not usually an easy task, because there are many external inputs that make our negative thoughts and animosity towards our own body grow. The fear, insecurity and doubts that our body can generate are usually obstacles that we must face on a daily basis.

In order to see the positive and avoid falling into a loop of unhealthy or compulsive habits, body positive or body positivity is born. This movement was born with the purpose of making us aware of who we are and how we are and learn not only to accept ourselves but to see ourselves and feel comfortable with our own body, beyond the canons of beauty imposed by brands, fashion or society in general.

To understand its origin, you should know that body positivity was born as a consequence of the negative responses that social patterns have provoked through the world of fashion and entertainment, making us see that there was only one type of unique and absolute beauty, through to promote slim and perfect bodies to understand that a person is healthy.

However, this perception is totally distorted from reality and has led us to generate irrepressible desires to have perfect bodies, something that, for many people, ends up generating great depression, eating disorders or personal frustration by not reaching the imposed beauty standards.

How the body positive arises

The body positive movement is a paradigm, a line of thought that has been cooking little by little until it reaches today’s reach. In 1996, the feminists Elizabeth Scot and Connie Sobczyk promoted this movement that gradually gained supporters and gained more strength thanks to the publication of the magazine Beauty XL, in which the first curvy models, champions of the movement, began to appear.

Thanks to them, messages of acceptance, diversity, inclusion and love for anybody, the main objective of body positive, have been promoted. The movement achieved a greater impact thanks to the recognition of international artists such as Demi Lovato or Lady Gaga, who made public the messages of respect and acceptance of any person, regardless of their image, appearance, weight or size.

In addition, it has been essential that relevant people from the world of fashion and entertainment have highlighted the eating disorders they have suffered at some point in their lives to achieve the ideal of beauty, as well as further strengthening the body positive message. through social networks, where many people have managed to show themselves as they are, without fear of facing criticism from many detractors who think that a fat body is an insane body, the so-called fat-phoebes.

The body positive movement today

Nowadays and thanks to influencers, artists and people with a high power of influence, the discourse has been changed in favor of thinness as a synonym of perfection. In addition, there are many brands that are currently committed to diversity through campaigns with models that can represent any type of person, both in advertising and on catwalks or other events.

However, body positivity still does not have it easy on social networks, where it seems that, on many occasions, we live in a parallel reality. It is behind the screens where fatphobia or body shaming is promoted, with which the power over the other’s body is still highlighted, either when it comes to giving opinions or criticizing. In this sense, there is still a long way to go to make body positivity a way of life, of thinking and accepting beyond harmful opinions.

Practicing and developing body positivity will not only help you to feel comfortable and happy with your body, but also to love and accept yourself as you are for the sole purpose of practicing self-love and fighting your insecurities.

Pamper yourself

One of the first keys that defends the body positive is to put yourself in the center. Taking care of yourself and pampering yourself will not only make you feel better, but it will also allow you to pamper your body and take care of it. From a nap that gives you rest, to having time for yourself and your hobbies, playing sports, taking a bubble bath, hiring a body treatment… Give your body and mind the time it needs to start loving yourself and feel better about yourself.

Do not praise anyone just for losing weight

The body positive motto is to love and accept yourself as you are. For this reason, it is important to avoid phrases such as: “How beautiful you are. Have you lost weight?”, “You have lost weight, you look phenomenal!” or similar, since although they may seem like praise or a compliment, you will be further promoting that person’s insecurities if they ever gain some weight again. Also, why should we still consider weight loss good news or noticeable?

It is important to keep in mind that with certain comments, even if they are made in good faith, we do not know what we are going to trigger in the other person nor do we know what has caused this weight loss and, believe me, there is a lot of bad news that can be related to weight loss. To start promoting body positivity, move your comments away from the container, from the body, and focus on the content. He praises achievements that are much more exciting than a physical change.

Put health above aesthetics

You should always put health above aesthetics. With this statement we want to tell you that we agree that you want to lose a few extra kilos, but not because you think that without them you will be better, but because they may cause some health problem. That is the maximum motivation that can make you rethink your habits, but never a “bikini operation”.

It is true that physical form can give your health, but also feel stronger, better with yourself and more powerful, but you will only be able to feel that way if you move your sports goal away from physical appearance. Be proud of being able to run that extra mile, of walking faster, or of being able to grab more weight on the dumbbells.

On the other hand, extreme diets are not good allies and your goal cannot be to get better in the summer. Your goal should be to love yourself and accept yourself as you are and, if you want to feel a little better, with a good diet and some physical exercise you will notice how your self-esteem increases. Winning combination!

Ask yourself what you like most about yourself

Another key that defends the body positive is to leave complexes behind and start praising all those things that you like about yourself, that you feel proud of, that you like to enhance. Dedicate yourself to thinking for a while every day in what you like most about your body and praise yourself to face the day with a smile. Remind yourself how wonderful you are every day and don’t be afraid to tell yourself as many times as you need.

Fix yourself up

Looking good and feeling better should not only be something to put into practice only on special occasions. Choose the clothes that you like the most and that best suit you day by day. Strengthen your body and with it your self-confidence. Do you feel more confident without makeup and in jeans? Or is your thing a dress and a good heel? Be sexy for yourself and give yourself the opportunity to look beautiful at any time, because you already are. Admire your own beauty and recognize it.

Don’t compare yourself

Do not compare yourself to anything or anyone, rule number one of body positive. Don’t do it with your previous versions either. Bodies change, that’s inevitable. We change our weight, our fat distribution changes and our muscles change, but in no case does this mean that your previous version is better than the current one. You must learn to embrace those changes and remind yourself that you are not worth it because of your physical appearance but because of who you are and for all those values ​​you have and everything you have achieved today.

Watch what you consume on social media

As we have pointed out, social networks can be harmful to you and your self-esteem. Therefore, we recommend you take care of what you consume. Stop following those models that show you a perfect and unattainable type of beauty and start following accounts that promote body positivity, especially in the world of fashion. In this way you will learn to accept yourself, you will see real women and you will put aside the frustration.

Stay positive

Think of all the good, all your achievements… We know that sometimes life is uphill but looking for the best version of oneself or taking the positive out of any adversity is a way to learn and move forward. Try not to stay with the bad part or think that everything will go wrong, because the world keeps turning and there is no time to waste.

So, what is it to be body positive? Have a positive mind to improve your mood. This will make you attract much more positive things to you. However, if you have a bad day, take care of yourself even more: love yourself in all states!

Be thankful for what you have

Although you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone, feel grateful just for the fact that you are alive, that you are here and that you can enjoy the things in life. Everything else is just a plus. Appreciate all the good that surrounds you, the love you have to give and the one you receive daily and you will be able to face your day to day in a happier way.

Love your body, your mind and appreciate everything you have. There is nothing better in life than feeling good about yourself and enjoying your own happiness, regardless of your image. Remember that body positivity is not a trend, but a lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Love yourself!

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