What is Hair Detox and how to exfoliate the hair or scalp? Because it is important? Profits

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Many times we subject our hair to many interventions that end up deeply damaging it, that is why a capillary detox is necessary. With this treatment, you will see how your hair regains its old freshness and strength that it had lost. So you can rejoice that all is not lost for your hair. Since we bring you all the tips you need to strengthen your hair with a hair detox and many reinforcements.

What hair detox?

Hair Detox is a treatment that will allow you to purify the hair of all the residues of old chemical treatments applied. In addition to the dirt from the environment that remains between the hair strands. Fat, dead cells, and sweat.

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The capillary detox works with some fundamental bases: exfoliation of the scalp, moisturizing of the hair and scalp and deep cleaning. Also, use the help of other tools like the hair dryer to purify the hair with a little heat.

With the exfoliation in the capillary detox, the scalp is sought to recover deeply. This is a step that is essential so that the hair can be oxygenated and the follicles open. In addition, it is the ideal remedy to avoid or reduce problems such as dandruff and itching.

When you exfoliate your hair, you are cleaning it of dead cells and excess sebum, as well as any product residue that may have trapped between the hair strands.

The second step of cleansing is as fundamental as the exfoliation. And in the shower is the ideal time to perform a hair detox. It is essential that for hair cleansing with shampoo you choose the appropriate purifying and antioxidant products, so that the cleansing is much more effective.

The last step will be moisturizing, where you can help yourself with products such as homemade or manufactured nourishing masks. It is recommended that you use ingredients such as essential oils or aloe vera, which work as very nourishing and restorative agents.

How to exfoliate the scalp properly?

Exfoliating the scalp is one of the best ways to deeply restore the scalp. And also, it is something you can do regularly to keep it clean and healthy.

To begin, you will need a scrub which you can purchase or prepare yourself at home. One of the most recommended scrubs is coffee or oatmeal, adding very nutritious ingredients such as coconut or olive oil.

First, you should comb your hair very well until it is completely detangled. This will loosen dirt from the scalp quickly. Then, moisten your hair with warm water and part your hair into sections so you can easily apply it to the roots.

Now is the time to apply the scrub, with the palm of your hand apply a generous layer of the scrub cream directly to the scalp with gentle massages.

You should only use the fingertips, not the nails, as you could irritate the scalp. Finally, let the hair rest for about 15 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

When you rinse the scrub, it is recommended that you vigorously comb your hair to remove any traces of the scrub ingredients. Then you can wash your hair as usual.

Benefits of capillary detox on the scalp

Over time, if you don’t take proper care of your hair, it can fill up with many toxic residues. Like dust, dirt, dander, dead cells, or any chemicals from past treatments.

This causes the hair to deteriorate more and more. Evidenced in split ends, dryness, excess bait or grease, dandruff and in extreme occasions it can cause hair loss and a bad smell.

In these circumstances your hair will urgently need a hair detoxification. In order for the scalp to eliminate all toxins and recover. You will regain oxygenation in the follicles, and the hair will regain the life it had lost.

You will realize that the benefits of a hair detox are numerous. If you want shiny, healthy and voluminous hair, apply a hair detox. Be attentive to any negative changes so that you can apply your best Hair Detox treatment.

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