What is IPL hair removal Advantages and disadvantages

What is IPL hair removal? Advantages and disadvantages

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For many women, removing body hair is essential, but expensive and in many cases does not give good results.

An alternative can be IPL hair removal, suitable even to remove hair in men, much less annoying than razors or wax, with fewer sessions and longer duration.

1 What is IPL hair removal

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1 What is IPL hair removal

It translates to Intended Pulsed Light. It is a mechanism of hair removal by pulses of light in the lip follicles, so that the root of the hair is burned in very few sessions.

With this mechanism, the beam of light is directed towards the hair and concentrated in that area, vibrating at a certain frequency until the hair is completely burned, without causing damage to the skin.

The main difference with the laser are the photons that are emitted from the device, since they travel at different frequencies and can be adapted according to the hair and skin to be removed.

2 Advantages and disadvantages of IPL hair removal

2 Advantages and disadvantages of IPL hair removal

As you will see there are many varieties of devices to use IPL hair removal comfortably in your home, but it does not hurt to consider other advantages:

  • Few sessions to remove almost all the hair (sometimes only 3 is enough).
  • It is permanent, only needing one session every 6 months to keep your skin without a trace of hair.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin, as it is painless and leaves no marks.
  • Having different frequencies, it can be adjusted to remove even the most difficult hairs.
  • It serves both for legs and for more sensitive areas.

As for the disadvantages we find the following:

  • Not suitable for dark skin. Since the follicle is more difficult to burn.
  • More sessions compared to other methods. Sometimes it may be necessary to repeat several times in the same area, especially in men (due to testosterone).
  • Much more expensive. It is usually between € 150 and € 550, depending on the area you want to shave.
  • Less accurate than laser hair removal, as it is not a continuous beam, sometimes you have to calibrate several times to burn the follicle completely.

3 Side Effects of IPL Hair Removal

You should know that the use of this technique can cause certain setbacks, in any case, they will not be serious and usually disappear over time:

  • Redness of the skin. Very rare.
  • Mild bruising. In certain patients, depending on whether the hairs are too fragile.
  • Folliculitis. Do not be alarmed since what happens is that there are many dead hairs and melanin on the skin, until it is cleansed.
  • Hyperpigmentations. By increasing melanin, the skin can “tan” artificially.
  • Superficial thermal lesions. This is the most common, and they are easily treated.

To avoid any of these effects with IPL hair removal, it is best to hydrate very well at the end of the session, in addition to waiting a couple of days before sunbathing, as a precaution.

Another precaution regarding the sun is that you must have perfectly hydrated skin, so being a month without tanning before hair removal can be a good idea.

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