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Mùi hương trên tóc-Cô gái mặc quần ngắn.

Smooth and bouncy hair is one of the factors that create an attractive appearance for women. However, a fragrant hair stream is the “key” to help them make an unforgettable highlight in the hearts of others.

Surely you have once been captivated by a specific attractive scent when accidentally passing a person. For men, the delicate, seductive fragrance is the most attractive point in a woman. However, there are always reasons to “steal” the scent from the hair and replace it with unpleasant odours. In particular, sweat secreted by hot weather and polluted dust is the leading factor.

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So, how to keep the hair fragrant? To find out the answer, I invite you to BeautyStyleHub to discover the secrets to help keep the long-lasting fragrance on the hair. Let’s “marinate” the hair stream and beat the heart of your crush!


The first secret to keeping your hair smelling good is to keep it clean. Environmental factors will leave your hair with not-so-pleasant scents. In addition, the amount of natural oil secreted by the scalp will also make the hair sticky and smelly, especially for girls with oily hair. So, when you feel your hair has started to get dirty, wash your hair immediately.

Mùi hương trên tóc-Dầu gội TRESemmé.

To create scent in your hair, you can look to the help of scented shampoos and conditioners. These products will often contain fragrance, which is used to coat the hair with a gentle scent. You can refer to the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth product line. Besides protecting and nourishing the hair, this hair care line also possesses a gentle and pleasant fragrance. In particular, the scent of the product can be kept for up to 48 hours.

Mùi hương trên tóc-Dầu gội The Body Shop.

Another excellent choice for you is the brand The Body Shop. Products under this brand often contain safe and gentle natural ingredients suitable for sensitive scalps. Not only that, but the hair care products of The Body Shop also help the hair radiate sweet fragrance and bring natural breath.

“Make friends” with HAIR PERFUMES.

Besides the use of scenting the body, perfume can also be applied to the hair. However, it would help if you did not spray perfume directly on your hair. The alcohol and fragrance ingredients in perfumes will make your hair brittle and dry. So, to avoid hurting your hair, you can apply some tips. Among them, the most popular trick is to use a comb. The operation is also effortless. You need to spray perfume on the comb, then gently brush your hair. This secret helps you to flavour your hair without causing too much damage to the hair.

Mùi hương trên tóc-Nước hoa CHANEL.

However, now famous brands have also launched perfume products for hair. The scent of the product is usually made up of natural essential oils. Perfume has a gentle diffusion, not too intense. Recently, the CHANEL brand has launched a hair fragrance line CHANEL Gabrielle Hair Mist. The scent is a delicate harmony of mandarin orange, grapefruit, blackcurrant, jasmine and tuberose of Grasse. This is the perfect combination of fresh fruit flavours and pure sweet flowers.

KEEP CLEANING hats and pillowcases
Mùi hương trên tóc-Cô gái ôm gối.

Helmets and pillows are items that often come into direct contact with your hair. Therefore, women should pay attention to cleaning and fragrant objects. Especially for helmets. After a period of use, the hat will start to appear musty and musty. This can be caused by sweat and rain. In addition, a stagnant place to store hats can also lead to foul odours. When the hat has an odour, you should wash and dry the capping pad before using it. At the same time, you should also store the cap in a cool and dry place.

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