Why should you wash your face with a makeup remover?

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According to Liah Yoo, a YouTube beauty blogger and founder of the famous Korean skincare brand Krave Beauty, cotton pads are a hot topic in Korea. Because people always pay attention to the measures to prevent and prevent skin irritation. So how can cotton pads help in our skincare routine? And how can I wash my face with a makeup remover? Join us to answer questions right here!

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Advantages of washing your face with makeup remover cotton instead of face towels

Makeup remover cotton is said to be the friendliest beauty friend on lazy days. That’s because, unlike traditional face towels, cotton pads are a lot softer and don’t require as much effort to rub on the skin. However, it still helps to remove makeup, dirt and debris accumulated on the skin. Moreover, makeup remover cotton is very convenient and easy to use. Especially suitable for women who often travel.

We all know that we should exfoliate regularly for glowing and smooth skin. But sometimes there isn’t enough time for that. Or your skin is too sensitive to exfoliating products. Then washing your face with makeup remover cotton is the best solution for you.

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Wash your face with makeup remover
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How to wash your face with makeup remover
With a cotton face wash, the results won’t happen overnight, but you’ll find that your serum will be more absorbed over time. Plus, dullness will disappear, and your skin tone will be more even and smooth. Follow these steps for glowing, hydrated skin:

Cleanse face with cleanser as usual.

Take a soft cotton pad and soak it in your usual toner or toner. Don’t forget that toners must not contain alcohol.
Swipe gently on your face. The cotton pad should be stroked gently and not pulled on your skin.
For areas where you often break out, please give it a little longer. Rub lightly in a circular motion.
Discard the cotton pad when it begins to soften, and move on to the next part of your skincare routine.
Sometimes, a simple cleanser and water routine isn’t enough to tackle all nitrogen-based dirt. That’s why this great combination of toner and cotton pad comes in.

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Suggestions on how to choose makeup remover cotton and makeup remover
How to choose a facial cleanser
The wrong cotton pads can irritate sensitive skin or become a counterproductive part of your skincare routine. Roughly textured cotton pads or cotton pads made from materials that have been bleached or treated with chemicals can be too harsh on the skin and cause allergic reactions.

Therefore, avoid buying the “cheapest” ones; they can often be too thin to be effective and can be abrasive and harmful to your skin. However, if the cotton makeup remover is too thick, it may waste skincare products. Instead, choose unbleached, layered, and soft. For example, big names with Asian brands like Silcot or Muji. These “national” cotton pads have all the necessary advantages of makeup remover cotton:

Soft enough to effectively remove surface skin cells without causing damage to the skin
Thick and layered enough to work on skin
Gentle to remove makeup when soaked with water or makeup remover
Wash your face with makeup remover at home

How to choose a makeup remover

Essential makeup remover is suitable for almost all skin types. However, the biggest irritants are alcohol, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. Fortunately, there are many options on the market with ingredients that don’t include these types of components.

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If your skin tends to react quite strongly, you must avoid these ingredients in your makeup remover. Also, choose one that doesn’t require too much rubbing and wiping.

Without the right cotton pad, makeup remover or toner will be essentially useless. Now you understand why cotton pads are essential for clear and glowing skin. Moreover, applying makeup remover cotton face wash instead of a face towel will help you limit the rubbing that causes skin damage. Sensitive skin girls will want and should “befriend” this method!

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